Monday, February 25, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

ANKARAGUCU provided a platform for recovery yesterday with a much needed and welcome win.


True to form, Maniac Kanka Harun lived up to his reputation as a `fanatik` and made the journey to Istanbul by overnight bus and returned by Turkish Airlines in time to celebrate with the kankas in The Lacivert Pub in Ankara.

I raise the subject of `supporter` again, and without wishing embarrass him, can truly say that Maniac Kanka is an inspiration to us all and a `supporter` in the true sense of the word !

Anyway, after I managed to extricate myself from School, I met up with Maniac Kanka in The Lacivert for some Anti-X and Kankalar celebrations for our first WIN in 12 Matches. It was also ANKARAGUCU's first win outside Ankara this season !! Has the corner been turned ? Mmmmmmm.... we will see !!

Back to the match, and Maniac reported that overall he was well pleased with ANKARAGUCU's performance.

The Olympic Stadium in Istanbul was all ANKARAGUCU supporters with about 3,000 fanatiks making the trip to the `outlands` of Istanbul. He counted 39 Istanbul BBS supporters which still leaves Gencler two fans behind in the quest for Guinness Book of Records recognition !!!

Istanbul BBS took an early lead in the 10th minute before ANKARAGUCU had time to settle, but the 39 `souls` were soon silenced on the half hour mark when Bebbe fulfilled his potential at last and equalised.

A few minutes later, ANKARAGUCU was awarded a penalty (obviously the referee was not from Istanbul !!) and Kirita made amends for his penalty miss a few weeks ago and ANKARAGUCU went in at half time 2-1 ahead. Can't remember when we were in this situation and looking like winners !!

In some respects, it was just like being in the 19 Mayis Stadium. A 20,000 capacity Stadium with 4 ANKARAGUCU groups, but a `slightly` different scenario in the Olympic Stadium with 3,039 supporters `squeezed` into a Stadium with a 60,000 capacity !! However, the 3,000 gave the 39 some lessons in singing and fervour !!

The 2nd half produced no goals but Maniac Kanka was pleased with the almost constant ANKARAGUCU pressure even if it didn't produce any more goals.

For our Egyptian friends, `Sait` replaced Gokhan near the end, but I'm not 100% sure if this is our Ibrahim Said and Hurriyet got the spelling wrong (AGAIN) !!

Back at The Lacivert, we witnessed Chelsinski's multi-million squad capitulate to Tottenham Hotspur in the English League Cup Final after extra time 2-1. A well deserved win, but one which Eski Kanka may rue, having bet Maniac Kanka on Favourites Chelsea winning it !!

I mentioned a temporary reprieve in the headline because of some of the `surprise` results over the weekend. Fener losing at home to Bursaspor, Galatasaray losing at home to bottom team Kasimpasa, and Rize claiming a point away to Sivas.

Therefore, looking at the `big picture` it was a valuable and welcome 3 points for ANKARAGUCU.

Looking ahead at ANKARAGUCU's upcoming matches at home to Fener and away to Sivas, the 3 points won yesterday is only a respite. There is still much work to be done to climb out of the `danger zone`.

I expect the Fener match to be on Sunday. Watch this space for futher details.

All the best from a relieved Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous5:50 pm

    Hi Again , I'm very happy that this weekend witnessed participation of many Egyptian players.

    "Said" with d :) , returned to the pitch again , he is quality player , but he makes a lot of troubles , I hope he gets better .

    I'd like to ask you for a favor ,is to concentrate a little bit on the related actions of the Egyptian players , so that I can know a lot of their news .
    and Pictures will be highly appreciated .

    Best greeting from Egypt

  2. Thanks for your comments Ahmad and we will do our best to comply with your request.

    Oz Kanka Chris is an expert at `nicking` photos from the local press and we will try and keep you up-to-date with news of our Egyptian boys.

  3. it was a wonderful away match for me . unforgetable!!!!!!!!!!!=)))))))))))))-))the score sholud be 3-3 maybe 4_4 but we won=))))))))COME ON ANKARAGÜCÜ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous10:18 pm


    "True to form, Maniac Kanka Harun lived up to his reputation as a `fanatik` and made the journey to Istanbul by overnight bus and returned by Turkish Airlines in time to celebrate with the kankas in The Lacivert Pub in Ankara."

    Well, hats off to you, Maniac. Martin certainly dubbed you appropriately. Eski got it right: a true inspiration to the rest of us mere mortals. Jim, I think Maniac just wrapped up the supporter of the year award you were talking about with his exploits. He's got my vote in any case.

    Anyway, well done Gücü!

    Oh, by the way, according to the official Gücü website, Jim's projected match date was a little late. It seems that it will be at 19.00 hours on Saturday.

    Hope to see you all there. I'll be checking my e-mail carefully for meeting times and places.

    Until then, tanti saluti da BDK.

  5. Yes, well spoken Battle Damaged Kanka. However, I still think that YOU are ahead in the voting in The Best Dressed Kanka category !!!

    Yes, Saturday at 7pm it is. Maniac and I were thinking it would be Sunday because Fener will be playing tonight.

    Oz Kanka will be sending out a meeting email today so keep checking your in-box.