Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kocaeli v Genclerbirligi

Join me here from about 1:30 pm for me blogging the Kocaelispor - Genclerbirligi match. (I might be a touch late as I've been ordered to go shopping)

Pre-match: Last week was a big win for Gencler, 3-1 away to Kayserispor, but Kocaeli had an even bigger win, 4-0 away to Hacettepe. Having said that Hacettepe have been a bit of a joke this year whilst Kayseri had only conceded seven goals in their first 16 matches of the season... that was until Troisi came along and put three past them last week.

My predicition is that Gencler should win it as long as they don't concede an early goal. Last week they were rubbish in the first 20 minutes or so and were lucky not have been behind. Let's see.

2:00 pm National anthem done and we are about to kick off. Not sure of the teams yet.

2:41 pm Troisi misses a good chance. Not sure exactly what happened.

2:01 pm And they are off.

Gencler team: Isailovich, Mehmet Nas, Troisi, Momha, Koray, Ilhan, Burhan, Jedinak, Kahe, Hakan Aslantas, and Soner not sure.

2:08 pm Seems like we are attacking. Get a corner, bugger it up but the attack goes on. Sounds like we are playing okay.

2:10 pm Another corner for us, six in the box, but the keeper whacks it out. Attack continues... we lose the ball.

2:12 pm Commentator says that both teams have decided to actually play today. Whatever that means.

2:13 pm Kocaeli are attacking down the left and are creating a few chances. Attendance today at the Izmit stadium is about 9,000, says our Lig radyo man.

2:15 pm Kocaeli have a shot from six metres, which gets the commentator shouting, Isailovich sends it out for a corner which results in nothing. Sounds like we should be down.

2:23 pm No idea what is happening. My radio stream has collapsed. Will try to get back soon.

2:30 pm I'm back. No goals during that radio collapse.

2:31 pm Lots of midfield passing from us but no one taking real control and creating chances.

2:33 pm Free kick on the right after Aslantas was taken down. Crowd whistling away in protest. Ball out for a corner. And Goal.

2:34 pm It was Ilhan with a header. Kocaeli 0 - 1 Genclerbirligi

2:37 pm Commentator says Momha is having a great match and that Gencler in the last 10 minutes have stepped up their attacks. Good stuff.

2:40 pm Gencler are attacking and attacking... they just need to get a couple more shots off.

2:43 pm Kocaeli have their first touch of the ball for ages and then they send off a "cok kotu" shot. And Gencler go straight back onto the attack.

2:45 pm Jedinak is sending through fast balls in counterattacks. Sounds nice.

2:46 pm Momha is everywhere, pressing in defence and setting up great attacks.

2:48 pm Ahhh. Mehmet Nas gets one-on-one with the keeper but sends it out. "peep peep peep" Half-time.

Half-time stuff
Kocaeli 0 - 1 Genclerbirligi
Kayserispor 0 - 0 Sivasspor

Admittedly I missed a bit of the first half thanks to the radio stream dying... but I think my match preview thoughts were pretty much spot on. Survive the first 15 minutes, which we only just did after Kocaeli had a great shot saved by Isailovich, and then press on. The only problem I can see is that we aren't getting a lot of shots on goal. Midfield-wise, we are all over them. Time for a cigarette break. Back soon.

3:07 pm And we are off for the second half.

3:08 pm Kocaeli almost score in the first seconds of the second half. Phew!

3:09 pm Troisi goes through a whole heap and then buggers up the shot. Arggh.

3:15 pm Burhan sends a pass through to Troisi who shoots well but the Kocaeli keeper makes a good save.

3:17 pm Troisi has another shot saved. Ohhh boy.

3:19 pm Kocaeli have a wonderful attack but end up sending it out.

3:20 pm Despite the couple of shots from Troisi it sounds as if Kocaeli are starting to control the game.

3:23 pm Gencler get a corner and headed at goal but saved and then Soner hits it out.

3:25 pm This time Burhan its it out after a bad shot. Come on!!!!

3:29 pm Isailovich playing well to stop a good chance from Kocaeli. Sounds as if we need a substitution or two. Things are starting to slow down too much. I'd bring Djite on for Kahe.

3:30 pm Soner controls a ball, should have sent it to Troisi but goes for himself. Corner. Meanwhile Djite is brought on for Burhan. Corner comes to nothing.

3:33 pm Hakan Aslantas gets a graphic. Silly boy. Free-kick for Kocaeli in a dangerous position. Defence saves the boy from embarrassment.

3:35 pm Kocaeli are really going for the equaliser, a few shots coming in now but our defence is holding firm... for the moment. We need to put this beyond doubt.

3:37 pm Aussie Bruce in the box, is taken down... but no penalty. Gencler coach Aybaba goes wild in rage.

3:40 pm Sounds like Gencler are playing for time now. Medics on for someone who is probably perfectly fine. Kocaeli fans are whistling in protest. It is Kahe who is being treated.

3:41 pm Momha send one in and Aussie Bruce sends a header just out.

3:44 pm Both teams are making bad passes. Mistakes creeping in. This is getting scary. About eight minutes of normal time left.

3:45 pm I can't stand this. I'm off for a very quick fag.

3:48 pm And while I was having a fag, Aussie Bruce scored. Woooooooow. Kocaeli 0 - 2 Genclerbirligi

3:52 pm Three minutes of extra time. Surely we have this. Mustafa Pektemek is on for us, not sure who went off. Pektemek has been out injured for a while and its good to seem him back on.

3:56 pm And that's it. A good win. Two on the trot.

Kocaelispor 0 - 2 Genclerbirligi
Kayserispor 0 - 0 Sivasspor

Post match Well, that takes a bit of heat off us (just a bit). Not as great a win as last week but it seems that we are starting to get our act together. The midfield is looking good and Momha is a real find. We missed a few shots today but in the end 2-0 is a good result. Also great to see Aussie Bruce get a goal and in the sort of professionalism you have come to expect from "The round ball in Ankara" I was out having a cigarette when it was scored and so I have no idea what exactly happened. Tomorrow Ankaragucu are at home against Konyaspor. We are meeting up at the usual place at midday and Battle Damaged Kanka Damon will be writing up a post-match report. Farewell from Ankara.

Post-post match Seems as if Troisi got the yellow card, not Hakan, and Aussie Bruce's goal came from a pass from Kahe.


  1. Great stuff mate. Im an Aussie living in Germany and ive got my own blog on Australians playing in Europe so your work is a great reference point for me. Couldnt see the gencler game today (Sivasspor was on tv, with another aussie michael petkovic) but appreciate your radio commentary. also great to see Brucie Djite scoring again. cheers!

  2. Glad to have you aboard Ben. And best of luck with your Aussies in Europe blog. For those who don't know Ben's blog can be found at

  3. Anonymous8:50 pm

    6 points in 2 away matches! 10th place in the league. January was a good month for us (not like for other teams...). Let's keep the momentum and win the Bursa match next week. Samet Aybaba should know a thing or two about these Bursa players.

  4. Well done you Gencler boyz, especially the Aussie connection !

    I wonder if that will inspire Ankaragucu to greater heights today ??!!

    Looking forward to a positive report from Battle Damaged Kanka !

  5. Hi there. I'm Trevor from FourFourTwo Australia. We're putting together a feature on what overseas fans think of their Australian club players. I was hoping to get your input on Bruce Djite, James Troisi and Mile Jedinak. Could you email me on to discuss further please?