Sunday, May 03, 2009

Istanbul BBS v Genclerbirligi

Good afternoon all. We've got a crucial bottom of the league clash on today, Istanbul BBS v Genclerbirligi. Gencler may be in 10th place but they can still get relegated if they fail to get at least one win in the few weeks. Istanbul will be playing full on though as they are currently in the drop zone and must win matches to stay up. Fun and games. Kick-off will be at 3 pm.

2:48 pm Heaps of other games kick off at the same time. Here they are:
Ankaragucu - Ankaraspor
Antalyaspor - Bursaspor
Denizlispor - Eskisehirspor
Gaziantepspor - Sivasspor
Istanbul BBS - Genclerbirligi
Konyaspor - Kocaelispor

2:50 pm Obviously the Ankaragucu Kankas are off at the stadium. Sir Eski Kanka will no doubt report later tonight or tomorrow morning.

2:59 pm National anthem played and we are about to go. Hopefully I'll catch the squad names today.

3:02 pm The radio commentator is speaking so fast I hardly noticed that he was into the squad list. I did notice the names Mehmet Nas, James Troisi, Mustafa Pektemek and Kahe. Jedinak and Aussie Bruce are both injured.

3:07 pm Bloody hell, if you thought Usain Bolt was fast you haven't listened to this radio commentator from Lig TV. I can hardly understand a thing. On the field, Istanbul have already had three good attacks killed off at the last moment.

3:10 pm There are about 700 fans, 200 of them Gencler fans, at the 80,000-odd capacity stadium. Must be surreal.

3:12 pm Bloody hell, now the radio stream dedicated to the match has been merged with all the others and we are getting a minute of each match... this is going to be difficult to report.

3:16 pm Just as we start building up something nice, Istanbul go on the counter-attack and it's left to Momha to get us out of the crap. That Momha is one hell of a good player. In the meantime, if anyone wants to keep me company then click on the "contact us" button on the right of this.

3:23 pm This is a joke. As they give us news that Sivas have scored they attempt to cross back to the Gencler match and can't get through, so they go to an advert and then tell us we are off to Gaziantep - Sivas, but we end up listening to Denizli - Eskisehir. By the way Konya are 1-0 up over Kocaeli.

3:30 pm Still no news from the Olympic Stadium. I don't have a clue what is happening.

3:35 pm Don't these idiots realise that I'm radio blogging this match? Still nothing from the Olympic Stadium.

3:43 pm Almost half time and they finally head off to the Olympic Stadium.

3:47 pm Gencler are attacking, but nothing resulting.

3:48 pm Half-time 0-0. I can't really comment as I hardly heard anything. Thanks Lig Radyo.

Half Time scores
Ankaragucu 0 - 0 Ankaraspor
Antalyaspor 0 - 1 Bursaspor
Denizlispor 1 -1 Eskisehirspor
Gaziantepspor 0 - 1 Sivasspor
Istanbul BBS 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi
Konyaspor 1 - 0 Kocaelispor

Thanks for the scores Lig Radyo. Now don't bother to try and give us an overall picture of what this might mean for the league title or relegations and certainly don't give us a summary of any of the matches being played. Much better just to head straight to 15 minutes of ads.

4:10 pm The matches have kicked off again but my radio stream is now dead. I guess it doesn't really matter considering how helpful Lig Radyo has been today. Oh, just popped up again.

4:12 pm And they finally cross to our match only to give us the horrible news that Istanbul have gone ahead. Damn. Istanbul BBS 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi.

4:14 pm And they almost make it a second with Bojan just saving a header and then ... oh... they have crossed off to somewhere else. And that somewhere else is Ankara, where Ankaragucu score.

4:15 pm Back to the Olympic stadium to here that Istanbul have scored again. This is depressing and means that the last few matches will be difficult. Istanbul BBS 2 - 0 Genclerbirligi.

4:17 pm I thought he was injured, but Aussie Bruce comes on for Pektemek and immediately he scores! Not sure what happened though. Istanbul BBS 2 - 1 Genclerbirligi.

4:25 pm Seems like we are making all the moves... Aussie Bruce almost scores again, ball sent out for a corner. Kahe is going off, not sure who is on.

4:30 pm Ahh. Gencler almost equalise. Momha coming down the left sends it in only for the keeper to somehow grab it before we could.

4:34 pm Sounds like Istanbul have all 11 men behind the ball. Come on boys, find a way through.

4:35 pm Hakan Aslantas fails to score, but actually it was thanks to a great save. About 15 minutes left.

4:36 pm In one of the first bits of actual analysis the commentator says that Troisi "hasn't performed up to expectations".

4:38 pm Well that's just crap. Istanbul have gone 3-1 up. Oh dear.

4:46 pm The Gencler players are "demoralised" says the commentator. So am I.

4:54 pm Well that's it. Pretty hopeless from both Gencler and Lig Radyo.

All the scores today
Ankaragucu 1 - 0 Ankaraspor
Antalyaspor 2 - 3 Bursaspor
Denizlispor 3 - 2 Eskisehirspor
Gaziantepspor 2 - 1 Sivasspor
Istanbul BBS 3 - 1 Genclerbirligi
Konyaspor 2 - 0 Kocaelispor

The big shock... Sivas losing to Gaziantep. That's your lot. Look forward to an upbeat report from Sir Eski Kanka later on.

Aussie Bruce's goal

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  1. A very demoralising report from Oz Kanka.

    I am still under the affluence of inkahol so I can't post tonite. Tomorrrrow .... but late.

    Enuff to say that El-Yasa scored a grrrreat goal for Ankaragucu in the 2nd half. It was up there with Iglaisas's goal last week against Fener.

    So, the bottom line is .... Ankaragucu and Gencler are still not out of the 'soapy bubble' and both teams to do something in the next 4 weeks to avoid the unthinkable !!