Wednesday, June 03, 2009

All problems solved at Genclerbirligi

After their worst season in many a year Genclerbirligi have taken drastic measures to turn the club around sacking 12 people who experts consider to have been responsible for the disaster that was 2008/09.

Those sacked on Tuesday included cleaners, waiters and what was described by the Dogan news agency as "provision suppliers". "The round ball in Ankara" on Tuesday night discovered that one other person fired was the club's dietician Aylin.

"With this sort of radical clean out we are certain to be champions next season," Oz Kanka said after Aylin told him at darts last that she had been sacked.

Meanwhile, the club has decided to stick with General Manager Cem Onuk who since his appointment around four years ago has seen Gencler only going in one direction - down.

The search is now on for a new coach and it is expected that a number of players will also be released. Media reports have said Aussie Bruce and keeper Bojan are expected to be sold.

It is not yet clear who will be cleaning the players' boots next season, nor who will be advising the players on performance enhancing dr... er sorry, healthy nutritional habits.


  1. samet to trabzon, NTV reports

  2. Well, if CavCav was really interested in turning Gencler around he would leave no stone unturned and no 'kurus' spared to bring Ersun Yanal back to Ankara.

    Isn't it really really frustrating sometimes (or should I say .... always ?) to support Ankara teams with no real ambition ??

    Back to reality, and I wonder how many 'cast offs' we will have in Ankara at the end of this summer ??!!