Friday, June 26, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I've just received the following from Kaleci Kanka Tansu which you will no doubt be interested in. Dare we hope that it is true ??? Mmmmmm let's wait and see .....

· takım teklif Türkiye İngiltere Ankaragücü Kayserispor
· Sen de etiket ekle!
Ankaragücü'ne dünya yıldızı
Yıldız oyuncu başkent ekibinin teklifini kabul etti, görüşmeler için haftaya Türkiye'ye gelmesi bekleniyor
Yeni sezon da iddialı bir takım kurmak isteyen Ankaragücü, dünyaca ünlü bir yıldızın transferi için harekete geçti. Başkent ekibi daha önce Kayserispor'un da transferi için çaba sarf ettiği, Manchebter City ve İngiltere Milli Takımı'nın yıldız ismi Darius Vassell'i kadrosuna dahil etmek için harekete geçti. Sarı lacivertli kulübün 29 yaşındaki golcü futbolcuya yaptığı 1 yıllık teklif yıldız oyuncu tarafından da prensipte kabul edilirken, Vassell'in Ankaragücü ile görüşmek için gelecek hafta Türkiye geleceği öğrenildi.

The ex-Man City and (Spurs ?) striker Darius Vassell coming to Ankaragucu ??

Bring it on I say, but ....... wait a minute ........... what about my post about Messrs Santos and Iglesias ? Won't they kinda wonder where the dosh is coming from ??!!

Let's see where this goes in the next few days. Keep us informed Tansu.

All the best from Sceptical Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Not seemedl ike a spaculation yesterday, when we meet him @ the airpot :) he's not a football king but he's a player capable of doing amazing things especially in our league.. So far so good, this year will be remembered imho.
    Darius FTW !

  2. Anonymous1:35 am

    Darius is a warrior and will hopefully do great for you. Love the man!!!

    City fan TonyM

  3. Jim, maybe you can get some DIY tips from him; he seems Gucu all over:

    "When at Aston Villa Vassell missed several games after he drilled through his toe nail with a home power drill thinking it would relieve the pressure on a swollen toe. The attempt at DIY surgery succeeded only in giving the toe an infection which required medical attention."

  4. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Brave man coming to us. Big move in terms of culture. He is a worker and a tries hard. He is also skillful, fast and strong. When I visit next year, I look forward to seeing him. What a move for him. A real challenge that will make him remembered in Ankara forever. Gooda man!!!


  5. Mountaineering Kanka6:40 pm

    Olay olay olay olay...Dariussss Dariussss! I will personally put up a hefty sum to transfer Xerxes next! Oooaaaa! Finally a striker!

  6. Connect Kanka12:22 am

    It speaks to the extent of the unemployment experienced by Ankaragucu supporters when 3000+ of them have the time to go the airport to meet this guy and follow him around the city for the day:

    Article in the Telegraph:

    Most people in the UK seem to me confused why we would be so excited about a washed-up striker, but perhaps Vassell's career will be rejuvenated by our enthusiasm.

  7. 3 July - This is Eski Kanka in Bodrum (finally managed to drag myself away from sea and pool to find an Internet Cafe !).
    Positive words from Connect Kanka (as usual) and a funny from Spine Kanka (as usual) !
    Yes, this transfer, which has been signed sealed and delivered, has got all the tongues wagging in the press.
    It even made the back pages of Hurriyet and Sabah which for Ankaragucu is a miracle !!
    Our Chairman, Mr Cengiz Yildirim, has promised more big signings, but time will tell if his 'word is his bond'. After all, he is still on probation !!!
    Anyway, Vassell has a few weeks to knock himself into shape before the Ankara Sportswriters Cup. All eyes will be on HIM for this competition !
    Another snipit ..... Ankaragucu have also signed Emre Aktas from Adanaspor. Don't have any more details about him. Perhaps Kaleci Kanka Tansu can expand on it ?
    All the best from bronzed and hunky Eski Kanka Jim in Bodrum

  8. Connect Kanka1:11 pm

    I really, really appreciate this version of Vassell's welcome to Ankara by our beloved supporters:

  9. Anonymous6:17 pm

    We also picked up a guy from South Africa. Anyone know anything about him? His name is Senamela?

    -Jamie Philly Kanka

  10. Senamela & Sosibo.. These are the two new africans. Sosibo prooved a good performance in friendlies and looks promising.

  11. Thanks for the info on our two new South Africans. Looking forward to seeing them in action.

    It's gone all quiet on the Vassel transfer - prob a question of money (as usual) !

    Good news this morning (17 July) - it has been reported that our great goalkeeper, Serkan, is staying and will not be going to the hated Ankaraspor yesssssssssssssss.