Friday, July 03, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It is my pleasure to welcome two new kankas to the Kanka Group (albeit that they are residents from afar, ie, Edinburgh !).

Brat Kankie's two friends are in Bodrum and have been encouraged (brainwashed ?!) to support Ankaragucu !

Mike Freeman is another kanka from Kirkcaldy (no surprises for guessing he supports The Mighty Raith Rovers !!). I ran the name Martyn Maguire past him, but ...... suprise surprise ... he doesn't know him. Must be a first me thinks !!

His luvvlie girlfriend Lisa Black comes from Pitfukinlochry ..... a quaint wee toon in Scotland. She knows something about football because she has heard of Hibs and she lives near Easter Road Stadium. That's a plus me thinks !!

Mike's kanka name is Fife Kanka - there is only ONE Kirkcaldy Kanka !! Lisa is stuck with Pitfukinlochry Kankie I'm afraid !!!

Watch out for a photo of Fife Kanka and Eski Kanka in the next week or so sailing the seas around Bodrum with their Ankaragucu tops on. Great attention getters and we had lottsa freebie Efes when the barman realised they were not Fener tops !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka in Bodrum


  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    Aye there is now a Fife Kanka. Raith Rovers + Ankaragucu are kanka teams. Proven. Don't regonize the name but may recognise the face. No too many Rovers fans out there.I may return to Fife next year. And I will spread the word. Welcome Fife Kanka and Pitfukinlochry Kankie. Our clan of Tartan Kankalar grows. Some bloody kilt that would be, yellow/dark blue.
    Aye gucu tops get a good reaction here too. Kebab delivery guys get a shock when they deliver to my door.

    Kirkcaldy Kanka

  2. Aye, Kirkcaldy is only a wee toon and everyyin kens everyyin. Bet yiv rubbd shoodirz in the local hostilries mair than yince !!!

    We are all waiting with impatience for the return of the Prodigal Son - Kircaldy Kanka. When will it be me wonders ???

  3. Anonymous2:24 am

    hello guys, another Ankara man here, from Bellshill. How do you all keep up to date with ankaragucu ?

  4. Hello Bellhill man. We keep up to date with Ankaragucu and Genclerbirligi by going to the matches. Send us a message by clicking on the "Contact us" button on the homepage and we can add you to our e-mail list where we send out details of match times, meeting up places etc etc.

  5. Anonymous3:11 pm

    hi oz Kanka, I cant find where it says contact us lol, Ive clicked on the homepage but cant see it anywhere

  6. Well .... you know what they say about Weeegies (that's Edinburgh speak for Glaswegians !!!) - they are not slow at coming forward, but as the night gets dark they become a wee bit dim !!!

    OK Bellshill Kanka, I think I know you ! Your nose is a 'Govan' shade of Blue and you Remember the Year 1690 ? Right so far ? If so, then contact me at this email for more details ..... jachalmers94 AT

    If it's not you, then still contact me and I will tell you what we are all about.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  7. the "contact us" link is on this page even. If you still can't see it then try this link:

  8. Anonymous2:04 pm

    thanks for the help guys,im going to try it just now.

  9. Anonymous5:44 pm

    welcome new kirkcaldy kanka!here in turkey 'always all around biggest ANKARAGÜCÜ'and there ' fife'st finest RAITH ROVERS'than 2. HİBERNIAN
    maniac kanka

  10. Good to see Maniac Kanka back on the blog and in fine form as usual !

    However, surprise surprise, no sweary words .... shock horror !!!!