Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The proposed merger between the Clubs which I mentioned a few weeks ago may, or may not, happen at the end of the season - we shall see.

However, the problem facing both Clubs at the moment is that the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) is threatening to relegate both Clubs because of what they perceive as the Gokcek family owning both Clubs and also some of the Ankaraspor shareholders being connected to Ankaragucu.

I.Melih Gokcek is disputing this assertion by saying that HE is the Chairman of Ankaraspor and his son, Ahmet, is Chairman of Ankaragucu. Therefore, Ahmet has no connection with Ankaraspor !

He has also said that the TFF should show proof that there is a convergence of shareholders in both Clubs.

I.M.G. has also cited the example of the connections between Istanbulspor and Adanaspor, Kayserispor and Erciyes, and Genclerbirligi and OFTAS (now Hacettepe) in the past and the fact that the TFF did nothing about those connections. The Chairman of the TFF's defending statement was that he was not Chaiman during those occurrences !!

I.M.G. also stated that if Ankaraspor in relegated, he will take the case to FIFA in protest against the TFF. The Ankaraspor shareholders are also taking legal advice on their situation and have vowed to take it forward through legal circles !

The TFF has told Ankaragucu that they should have a new Board of Directors, but the Club is asking a simple question, ie, ...... why ?

Furthermore, Ankaragucu has posed 5 question to the TFF which require an answer....

1. Which rule did the Club break ?
2. Which article of the regulations is broken ?
3. Where is the evidence that they have done something wrong ?
4. The rule for the length of time for convening a General Meeting is 21 days, but the TFF has only allowed 3 days for the Club to do this. Why ?
5. The rule for the length of time for lodging an appeal is 7 days, but the TFF has only allowed 3 days for the Club to do this. Why ?

So, I say ..... there is a good reason to call this whole affair 'A Dog's Breakfast' !

Lots of threats and sabre rattling flying back and forth which is not conducive to reaching an agreement or a solution to the problem.

I hope this can be resolved 'in country'. Taking our 'dirty washing' to FIFA is not the way, and may, in my opinion, backfire on the TFF.

We will have to await the outcome of this sorry story, so watch this space and I'll try and keep you informed of developments.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Update on 10 September.

    It was reported today in The Hurriyet that the TFF will take Ankaraspor to the Disciplinary Committee tonight.

    If the Disciplinary Committe find any wrongdoing, the TFF is intending to postpone the Ankaraspor v Kayseri match this weekend.

    Ankaraspor may make an Appeal by 19 September, but if it fails then the TFF will also postpone the Ankaraspor v Denizlispor the following weekend and declare both matches 3-0 to Kayseri and Denizli.

    At that stage, the TFF are threatening to implement relegation for Ankaraspor !

    Also, if any of the Board of Directors of Ankarspor have any shares in Ankaragucu they will be banned from attending any matches in the Turkish League.

    Wow ! Is this talking tough or ....... is this talking tough !!!

    There was no mention today about the case against Ankaragucu. So, watch this space for more !

  2. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Jaysus Jim,this seems horribly ridiculous.Even by Turkish standards!Hopefully common sense will prevail.......
    Dublin Neil.

  3. Just a reminder. I will quote Oz Kanka:

    The investigation will be based on Fifa's
    Statute 18 which reads: "the member shall
    ensure that neither a natural or a legal
    person ... exercises control over more than
    one club"

    Plus a heap of TFF regulations as well.

    Moutaineering Kanka said he was afraid that "in the long term, little Melih would bring ruin in his wake." We may not have to wait "long term".

    We'll see, but it is certainly not an auspicious beginning.

  4. Connect Kanka Steve4:02 pm

    Can father and son be considered the same person under TFF guidelines?

  5. Legal person, Steve. Even a corporation is considered a legal person.

  6. Ankaragücü is currently in danger of being relegated.

  7. Connect Kanka Steve4:15 pm

    My question still applies: Where is the official link between them?

    I don't doubt that there is something fishy going on with the transfers to Ankaragucu, but also I don't know enough about the configurations of the two clubs to say something illegal is taking place.

    If I.M.G and Ahmet operated the same company that managed Ankaraspor club, then yes, you might be able to count them as a single legal entity. But I don't think that is the case here. Ostensibly, they seem to be two individual citizens involved in two separate clubs.

    I'm interested in the legalities of this, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

  8. Update on 11 September ......

    After last night's Disciplinary Hearing, the Ankaraspor v Kayseri match scheduled for this weekend is posponed !

    Also, the TFF stated that Ankaraspor has until 17 September to sell the Club or for Ahmet Gokcek and his 'cronies' to resign from Ankaragucu, otherwise they will postpone the Ankaraspor v Denizli match and then relegate Ankaraspor to the 2nd League !!

    I.M.G. intends to make a protest to FIFA and has secured the services of Jean Louis Dupont (the lawyer who represented Bosman in the now famous Bosman Ruling).

    With a name like that, I wonder if that will make the TFF quiver in their shoes ??? Nah, I doubt it !! However, isn't it better than employing John Doe ??!!

    Still no mention of any disciplinary action to be taken against Ankaragucu, but I would say .... don't rule it out. This saga is far from finished !!

    For Steve, let's see what Monsieur Dupont says before we start talking legal speak. I'll be surprised if he doesn't have a few 'tricks' up his sleeve !!

    I'm off to Antalya tomorrow morning to see Ankaragucu record their first league win of the season. However, I haven't ruled out the possibility of seeing the signs up outside the Stadium on Sunday saying ......... match postponed by order of the TFF Gestapo !!!

  9. Now,Ahmet is having trouble with the financial end of things. Staff and players apparently will be receiving their paychecks late. The foreigners in particular are pissed off.

    On a different note İ.M.G is trying to make Bahçelievler an alcohol-free zone in a sneaky way.

    Why was AG so desperate as to want to get in bed with these two turds?

  10. From what I just heard on the radio, it sounded like Bebbe got a red card for heading not the ball but an opponent.

    Also sounded like our defense once again let us down and allowed Necati Ates to score.

    Poor Eski Kanka. He went all the way down there to witness our second defeat of the season. We still have only three points.

    At least Gencler were able to pull out a tie agains Eskisehir.

  11. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Hopefully Ahmet will get to stay as President of Ankaragucu ! The capital of Turkey should have at least one strong football club and I believe Ahmet could be the man to do this.

    Brido the Scot

  12. Welcome to the Blog Brido the Scot.

    Where are you and what is your interest in Ankaragucu ?

    Look forward to hearing more information about you and your footie team, but ...... don't tell us that you support Rangers or Celtic or we will only partially forgive you !!!

  13. Anonymous11:50 am

    Hi Jim

    Thank you for your welcome, but I have to tell you that I am 100% Celtic, I am far too good looking to be a Rangers supporter :-)

    I visit Turkey a lot and know a lot of people in the football Industry. As I said before, It;s about time Ankara had a Big Club !

    tell me about this website please Jim ? I came across it by chance

  14. 20 September .........

    Welcome back to the Blog 'Sellick' Brido (what's your real name ??!!)

    Our website/blog has been going for about 4 years now. It was the brain-child of our webmaster Oz Kanka Chris.

    What I suggest you do is .... when you come into the Blog have a look on the right hand side at the links. Click on 'The Best of' and 'The Photo Archive' and you will see a summary of our history.

    It goes without saying that if you visit Ankara in the future then please inform us so that we can set up a meeting.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

    btw, I'm an Edinburgh Hibbie !!

  15. Anonymous11:09 pm

    Had a good look at the website and have to say I admire your loyalty to Ankaraspor & Genclerbirligi. I'm sure you can teach me a lot about Turkish football.
    How do you all feel about the changes happening at Ankaragucu ?
    Also pleased to see that you're a Hibbie and not a Jam-Tart :-)

    oh and my name is Brian and hopefully I can drop by for a Beer next time I'm in Ankara

    Celtic Brido

  16. Celtic Kanka Brian has revealed himself !

    I've always been loathe to criticise Hikmet Karaman due to the pressures he is under, ie, limited financial resources, limited power to make team decisions, warring factions in the Boardroom, and now restless natives !

    However, the time has come to speak out and I've never made any secret of my desire to have Ersun Yanal back at Ankaragucu after the fine job he did in the early 2000s with Ankaragucu and Gencler.

    He only left Ankaragucu because of some 'differences of opinion' with the then Chairman, Cemal Aydin. No doubt of a financial nature !

    In the meantime, all we can do is 'soldier on' and hope that the improvement in football style, which was evident last weekend, can be reflected on the score sheet !

  17. Anonymous2:13 pm

    In my opinion Hikmet Karaman is a very good coach and I'm sure he will have turned things around at Ankaragucu by November ! He is also a good man with strong views on how football should be played (no doubt picked up in part from his friendship with Arsene Wenger)
    Hikmet was the main reason that Bebbe came back to Ankaragucu and I'm sure that Antalyaspor aside, Bebbe will have a very good season (If Hikmet plays him in his best position).

    I've never heard of Ersun Yanal, but I'm sure your theory about why he left is probably true.
    I have a feeling that Ahmet, if given the chance, could be about to change the way Ankaragucu are run. Cemal Aydin's way is hopefully over !!