Sunday, September 27, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Yes, at last, something to sing and shout about - a victorrreeeee. But, let's not get too carried away with this result. I would normally be optimistic with our first victory away from home, but then ........ I looked at what's coming up !!!

Gaziantep 1 ANKARAGUCU 3

I'm sorry to say I've no details of the actual match but what was interesting was the team selection. No Vassell (injured ?), no Bebbe (suspended) and no Iglesias (reason unknown). Also, no Vice-Captain El-Yasa (suspended). Thinks .... not a good idea to go to Gaziantep with the three recognised strikers missing !!

Koray, Semavi, Ediz and Broggi
Ceyhun, Barbaros, Hurriyet and Metin
Murat Duruer and Frederic

Don't ask me ...... who is Frederic ??? I tried checking him out in Google Search but couldn't find anything. Can anyone else shed some light on him ?

Second half substitutes used were Mehmet Cakir, Emre and Volkan

Da Silva opened the scoring for Antep after 10 minutes but Metin scored the equaliser just before half time.

Metin added a second goal 10 minutes into the 2nd half and Mehmet Cakir scored the third with 10 minutes to go.

If you recall, I had scripted Mehmet Cakir to score last week against his old Club but he was obviously a week late in reading my post on the Blog !!!

OK, so well done Hikmet Bey for playing with a 'reserve strike force' and the three points are most welcome. However, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, it will not be all plain sailing from here.

Next weekend Ankaragucu 'welcomes' Galatasaray. Of course, the players will be all fired up for that and will get stuck right into CimBom, but we have to bear in mind that Galatasaray are the 'form team' in the league at the moment.

It's World Cup the following weekend and then a visit to Kayseri. OK, we can say .... if we can beat Antep away then we can do the biz in Kayseri ! However, excuse me if I remain cautious about that match !

Notwithstanding Metin's fine contribution last night, I hope we have Vassell and Bebbe back for next weekend's Match of the Day.

All the best from a happier Eski Kanka Jim


  1. And Hikmet lives to fight another day. Best of luck against Galatasaray.

  2. Anonymous12:48 pm

    it says on the main sight that metin akin started the game and scored 2 and the other goal was scored by emre who came on as as a sub all assisted by ceyhun. Also on youtube says the same with the goalscorers. Where did you see Frederick Jim ?

    Great win at last though and to do it without 4 of our main players was even better. This is our season starting and we can put Galas run to an end at home.


  3. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Frederic is Frederic Risp. Cant wait for next week. We are taking a bunch of the new Americans to their first match...


  4. Connect Kanka Steve2:21 pm

    Probably for the better that I didn't make the trip to Gaziantep, as I'm quite sure my presence would have jinxed our boys.

  5. Connect Kanka Steve2:32 pm

    Also, here's a link to the goals from last night:

  6. I'm with Nadeem: let's put an end to GS's winning streak--that is, if Eskişehir doesn't beat us to it.

  7. Thanks Jamie for putting me right about Frederic Risp. Isn't he another ex-Gencler player who went to Ankaraspor ?

    For Nadeem .... I took the goalscorers from the bloody Hurriyet Newspaper. How many times have I told myself never to trust that newspaper ??!!

    Look forward to meeting the entourage of Yanks next weekend and hopefully there will be some Confederates in the group for baiting purposes !! However, I promise not to wear my St Louis Cardinals top !!!

  8. Jamie9:41 am

    Does anyone know what time the match is this weekend? Also, it looks like there is trouble for one of the coaches at Gencler. According to the AP he cheated on his diploma from a soccer academy in Germany?

  9. Risp did indeed play for Gencler until we stupidly sold him to Trabzonspor in the middle of his first season in Turkey. He then went off to Ankaraspor and is now part of the 156-man Ankaragucu squad.

    Ankaragucu - Galatasaray is at 4pm on Sunday. You can always find fixtures times on the TFF website.

    As for the AP story, the fellow is an assistant coach, so I doubt it matters too much. Thanks for bringing it to my attention though.

  10. 156 man Squad ? I was under the impression that it was a lot more than that ??!!!

    I've sent out an email to some of the 'regulars' that we are meeting in The Chopin Bar at 1.30pm on Sunday. Going to the Stadium earlyish because of what is sure to be a full Stadium.

  11. Anonymous7:38 pm

    I sense the excitement building for the week end's game guys.First win last week,Gala coming to town,heightened optimism,THIS is more like it!

    Dublin Neil.

  12. Yes, optimism is in the air Neil, but we have to have a full squad available (apart from Santos who is long-term injured) to do any damage.

    Here is my squad (Hikmet Bey are you listening ??!!).

    El-Yassa, Ediz, Risp, Broggi
    Ceyhun, Semavi, Hurriyet, Barbaros
    Vassell and Bebbe

    Let's do something spectacular and give Gencler some incentive to do the biz to Fener too !!!

  13. Mountaineering Kanka7:58 pm

    Oi! I hope we stick to Galata(spit)saray hard!! Bless you Jamie and Steve for taking the newbies to the match! Glad to see we finally got a victory. I've got to say it seems like it's been a damn weird season so far.

    In Uganda now and planning some flag antics. Potentially on the slate include the source of the Nile, several volcanoes in the south, and just for the fun of it, the Equator (A. Gucu in two hemispheres at once!)

    Miss all of you very much.


  14. Great, as always, to hear from the Mountaineering Kankas in far off Africa.

    Looking forward to seeing all those spectacular pikkies coming our way with the Ankaragucu flag on top of the world again.

    Stay safe. All the best from all of us here in Buyuk Baskent.

  15. fuck off istanbul!!!!!!!!!

  16. Yesssssssss !!!

    Maniac Kanka Harun is back on the Blog and doing what he does best, ie, ......

    pulling no punches with his all fired up comments !!!

    Hope to see you on Sunday Harun - let's kick ass yessssssssss !!!