Sunday, June 13, 2010

Love this one


  1. Brilliant. Thanks for sharing, Oz. I'll be rooting for--I mean cheering you guys on this evening.

  2. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkk. When will you Bloody Yanks learn that Scotland did not play against you lot yesterday, and that if we had, we would have put the sword 'in' and not waved it about like the pansy Ingallish !!!

    Back to the present, and I will be rooting .... ooooops .... I mean ....... cheering for the boyz from downunder in 55 minutes time.

    However, I still say ........... Ivory Coast to win the World Cup and Sol Bamba to score the winning goal in the final yessssssss !!!

  3. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Germans were very impressive but if you go to a World Cup with Lucas Neill and Craig Moore as your two centre halfs you're gonna struggle Oz.
    Ridiculous sending off though really finished it.

    Dublin Neil.

  4. I recorded the match. Just watched it all the way through. Steven was right: brutal. The Germans looked scary; the Australians looked inept.

  5. Yep, we were crap and the Germans impressive. Great to see the Australian press ripped into them.

  6. Ripped into the Australians and their God-awful coach.

  7. I tipped Germany to reach the final against Brazil in the Brit Embassy Prediction Competition and that decision has been justified on the strength of their performance last night.

    I don't agree with Oz and Damon that the Aussies were crap or inept. Rather that the Germans didn't give an inch and restricted their opportunies in the danger area !

    Agree with Neil about the sending off. A knee-jerk reaction from an autocratic referee and one which I'm sure he will have nightmares about if ..... he is honest !

    C'mon Ivory Coast !!!!!

  8. Well, everything is relative. With the Germans the Aussies were in completely over their heads. But then the Germans put on the most impressive performance we've seen from anyone so far in this cup.

    We'll have to see how Australia look against Ghana and Serbia, but I'm not putting any money on them.

    I think we will witness a similar massacre tomorrow night.

  9. I'm making a new New Year Resolution .....

    I resolve to ignore all Damon's footie predictions in the future !!!

    N Korea could easily have nicked it, but at least they can be proud of their performance.

    I'm sure Brazil will have learned a lesson last night and move up a gear for their next match !

  10. Well, it wasn't exactly an upset, Jim, but, yes, you're right: it was also not exactly what I thought would happen.

    But I dare say my predictions are more accurate than yours. You take those bloody optimism pills that have you predicting Ankaragucu will win everything. I am there to keep your feet on the ground. ;-)