Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And another one down...

Genclerbirligi was the team plagued by injuries in the first half of the season. Now it looks like it is our turn. After losing Sestak to a minor injury, we lose our field general: Marek Sapara. Apparently he got injured while training with the Slovak national team prior to their match with Andora. The injury is also apparently much more serious than the one sustained by Sestak, and the predictions all count him out for the rest of the season.

Whether he will receive treatment for the injury in Turkey or in Slovakia has yet to be determined. His grit, talent, and technique will definitely be missed on the pitch.

This is a huge test for Mesut Bakkal. Hopefully he can find a creative solution to this crisis.


  1. Anonymous11:11 pm

    A massive blow for us loosing Sapara. Although the last while apart from the Galatasaray game he hasnt been at his best, he is still our most important player. He always has the ability to change or win the game.

    Kagan and Adem will play in the middle, but with so many players out injured its hard to pick how Mesut will manage this, will he change the formation and go 4-4-2 ? i dont think this would work as kagan and adem are both defensive minded. Will Cerny be fit to take his place ? will ozgur be given the chance ? will be interesting to see on saturday


  2. Agreed. This is unwelcome news.

    As you said, it will be interesting to see the line-up on Saturday.

    Trying to read Mesut Bey's mind, and as Nadeem said, I would leave Kagan and Adem in front of the defence.

    I believe that it is a chance for Gabric and Ozgur to show their mettle in the midfield area and take on Sapara's mantle.

    I don't think the time is right for Cerny to assume this role until he has played himself into the team and had a few full matches in.

    btw, I still stand by my prediction of a 3-0 win for Ankaragucu !!