Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ankaragucu vs Samsunspor Match Preview !

Ankaragucu welcome Mesut Bakkal back to the 19 Mayis Stadium on Sunday as they face Samsunspor in the Turkish Super Lig !

Mesut Bakkal took over from Umut Ozat half way through last season. Ankaragucu started to look a very good side under Bakkal and many believe the club were only two players away from a team that could challenge for the title. Bakkal left the club at the start of the season due to unpaid wages and is now manager of Samsunspor.

The last time the two sides met Ankaragucu came from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 and should have won the game in Samsun. Simon Zenke and Murat Yildirm gave the home side a 2-0 half time lead, but late goals from Hurriyet Gucer and Atilla Garhan gave Ankaragucu a share of the points.

A lot has changed since then, Ankaragucu have lost a full squad, while Samsunspor have added a couple of quality players to there squad like Theo Gekas and Serdar Ozkan from Ankaragucu to there squad. Gekas is a Greek international striker who has already scored 5 goals since his move a couple of weeks ago. The club have also signed Ugur Boral from Fenerbahce and Dejan Kehler who was signed by Ankaragucu in the summer only to be released without playing a game.

Ankaragucu will be without Club Captain Aydin Toscali again due to injury, and are also set to be without Gokhan Erdogan and Muhammet Turkmen due to injury. Enes Kubat made his debut last week and the young striker will be hoping to get on the score sheet in front of the Ankaragucu fans.

Samsunspor have had good wins over Fenerbahce, Orduspor and Eskisehirspor in recent weeks and will be hoping to win in Ankara as they battle against relegation. Ankaragucu look like they are already down and out and will be looking to get back on the score sheet again. Another tough game for this young Ankaragucu side, but they are improving and lets hope they can give the fans something to cheer about.


  1. Anonymous3:35 pm

    So you all remember Haluk Ilican, the man we tried to investigate after he was elected Chairman of Ankaragucu? Well we wasted our time.

    Apparently Ilican has demoted himself to board member. Someone called Ilyas Ertan Sumer is actually chairman, according to Hurriyet today.

    I can't imagine that he's more than a puppet being manipulated by a man who is already the puppet of someone else.

    You could not make this sh*t up!


  2. Anonymous3:41 pm

    oh, and ownership of the club's emblem has been seized by Elif Kagitcilik, a manufacturer of glossy coatings for the furniture industry.

    Elif Kagitcilik may auction off the rights to the emblem, Hurriyet reports.


    1. if ever there was evidence of a club been ripped apart by owners then its Ankaragucu, makes me so angry that everyone just stands back and allows it to happen.

      Whats the latest on the gokceks and Ankaragucu spine ? im hearing they want to change ankaraspor name to ankargucu a.s

  3. Anonymous10:36 am

    I'd love to answer that question, but the reporting in the major press of all this is so thin and half-assed. I just post here the things that catch my eye. If I see anything I'll update.

    (wouldn't put it past them, but also I reckon there would be legal obstacles, perhaps from MKE... dunno...)


  4. I'm sure MKE has a finger in this pie somewhere, and not just historically. However, just how much has yet to be revealed.

    I agree with Spine that MKE would be fizzing if their name was removed from the Club name. If Mr Gokcek does succeed in becoming Club Chairman again, I would guess that he will attempt to change the name of the Club to MKE Ankaragucu AS.

    Whether he intends to bring Ankaraspor into the fold remains to be seen if he can do it legally this time without incurring the wrath of the TFF.

    There are all sorts of scenarios whizzing around at the moment and who knows what's going to happen in the next few weeks and ultimately at the end of the season when the realisation of relegation has sunk in !

    Meanwhile, we go to the Stadium today to support the Youth Team and try to regain some pride for the name ....... Ankaragucu.

  5. Thanks for the preview, Nadeem.

    Bakkal also told his players essentially that if they didn't win this match they shouldn't show their faces in Samsun.

    As for the badge and all the rest, I'm really surprised the fans have let it get this far. Apparently the protest march was even lame.