Sunday, February 12, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It's not that we have become blase about Ankaragucu losing, because the Youth Team is doing its best to live in the fast lane of the Super League. The fact is that they can't cope with playing against the 'senior' teams and they are out of their depth .... and so it proved today.

Istanbul BBS 3 Ankaragucu 0

The boys did their best and played some nice footie at times, but they were overwhelmed by an efficient Istanbul BBS team who dominated throughout.

There was only one threat on the Istanbul BBS goal in the 1st half when Serkan shot inside the box, and even though he lost his footing when shooting, his shot came off the post with the goalkeeper well beaten.

Back to the beginning, and it was only Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I who turned up in The Chopin ............ the leaves are not only falling from the Team !!!

It didn't take long for Istanbul to open the scoring. It was a header from Webo (wish we had him in our team !!) who headed in what looked like an offside position. However, after the replay, the linesman was probably correct. The Ankaragucu defender moved forward instead of staying with Webo and that was the wrong tactical decision to take on his part !

Going in at 0-1 down at half time and things were not looking too bad. A half time talk .... some Caykur Rize Cay and who knows what miracles might happen ?! Our half time talk was all about ........ would we be able to cheer Ankaragucu's first league goal since the 4th of January ??!! .... and the answer ........... ???

Into the 2nd half and Istanbul continued to dominate. It only took 10 minutes for the 2nd goal when Serol was at the wrong side of an in-swinging corner kick in a crowded penalty box and headed in for a super own goal.

Then came the talking point of the match when Battle Damaged Kanka raised the first and only laugh of the match when the Istanbul fans (more than Gencler's I may add !!!) did a Mexican Wave on only ONE row of the seats in their area !!! Laugh ? Oh, yes ..... it was so funny that he spilled his luvvlie yummy Efes all over his Italian sweater !!! What a waste of the world's greatest beer me says !!!

Counting down the minutes now and hoping to keep the scoreline respectable and then the 3rd inevitable goal. With 8 minutes remaining, Bayram (who had a great match) made another great save to deny Istanbul. From the resulting corner, an attacking header hit the post, but from the rebound Webo was well place (and unmarked) to head in with Bayram helpless.

So, another nail in the coffin.

The only sensible question now is ............ can Ankaragucu score a goal against 2nd bottom Samsun next Saturday to end the goal drought ??

It is probably going to be the 1pm KO. If so, we will go direct to the Stadium and meet in the usual area of Maraton. I'll confirm this during the week as a comment to this post.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. The only consolation is that Karabuk beat Fener.

    1. cant disagree with anything you say. The young boys are doing a good job, they are just as you say out of there depth.

      I take my hat off to every one of them and the staff who take to the pitch every week. and for me these guys are the true heros in the clubs 102 year history.

  2. Well said Nadeem. Also, we noticed a fairly large contingent of Ankaragucu supporters there. Now that's what I call loyalty !

    This coming weekend -

    Saturday 18th - Ankaragucu v Samsun KO 1pm
    Sunday 19th - Beshiktrash v Gencler KO 7pm

    Meeting in the Stadium for the Ankaragucu match in the usual place in Maraton.