Sunday, March 08, 2015

A spring in my step

Who would have thought that a match against the Suat Altin XI would get me out of my mid-season non-match going depression. Not going to matches has killed me this year. Passolig have destroyed the atmosphere at all but a few of the biggest games. Still, nothing like a big win!

Suat Altin Insaat Kayseri Erciyesspor 2 - 4 Genclerbirligi

I was the only one of the kankas on time at the Sudem pub on what was a glorious sunny day. The first half hour of the match was tear-pullingly frustrating. We had a majority of possession, we were showing some class but then every single time we looked good we would lose it without ever getting off a shot, let alone forcing the goalkeeper to make a save.

It isn't often that just 25 minutes into the match and the crowd at the pub screaming in desperation for Genclerbirligi to have a shot. That usually doesn't happen until the 75th-minute mark.

Finally Cider Kanka John and a few minutes later Spine strolled in. Goal number 1. Then a couple of minutes later, goal number 2.

Peep, peep and half-time and well. Frustration gone.

Second half and Insaat started to put on a bit of pressure. Actually a lot of that pressure was brought on by our own poor defending.

Then came some really silly stuff as El Kabir and a Kayseri player fouled each other a few times. The Kayseri player then put his face in El Kabir's in a move that was more Toy Town Noses than Glasgow Kiss. The Kayseri player got a straight red. Then Guido got involved for some stupid reason and was a given a yellow.

Two-nil down and missing a player Kayseri were in all sorts of trouble and then they scored.

It never looked scary for us though as we were now playing great football, with some excellent passes and good one-two moves. It was no surprise that Mervan and then Landel put two more goals in.      

Then we had one for the conspiracy theorists (ie Spine). Kayseri had a free kick. Brilliantly taken, the ball went over the wall and to Ramazan's right. He dived but then at the last second he pulled his arm away. "Fix!" was the cry. I don't think so. I just think he had no chance of getting to it.

All up I was very happy. El Kabir, Hleb, Landel all came in at the winter break and they are starting to gel. Our defence is still pretty scary though. Next we are up against Fenerbahce. My prediction Genclerbirligi 1 - 2 Fenerbahce (both Fener's goals to penalties scored by the midget).

As we often do after a pleasant afternoon's football, us three kankas then went off to an art gallery. To SaltUlus to be exact where there was a display of various media installations concerning Dinamo Mesken, a team from Bursa that was closed down after the 1980 coup and whose players were jailed and tortured. Worth a visit if you are into politics and football (as are all Round Ball in Ankara readers).

Dinamo Mesken is on a Salt Ulus until March 14. Entrance is free.

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  1. Hmmmmm ........... we all have a big decision to make, ie, shall we watch Gencler's mid-table mediocracy, or shall we just visit museums on match days ??!! Decisions decisions grrrrrrrrr !!!!