Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Gençler 2, Rizespor 3 - Match Notes

Attendance: Spine, As-Yet-Unnamed Danish Kanka, a few thousand others.

Score: 2-3

Gencler Goals: Tomic 59, Dimitriadis 74

Notable events: Rize's Kweuke insisting he must take the penalty, ignoring coach Hikmet Karaman, and then ranting and posturing at the coach after he scored.

Summary: Gençler dominated the game for long stretches, notably the 20 minutes either side of the half. But Rize were better at taking chances and the home side sat back when they went 2-1 up and practically invited the equaliser. Rize's late winner was just a bit of individual inspiration by the fired-up Kweuke. A draw would have been fair.
Gençler don't seem to be playing wingers. This meant wide gaps on the flanks at some stages, which Rize generally did not exploit.

Gençler Players Positioned, Numbered, and Rated As TV Show Characters:
Ferhat Kaplan (Keeper, 1): Generally competent with good distribution but worrying lack of understanding with Atta. Reggie Perin, The Rise and Fall of Reginal Perrin.
Ahmet Oğuz (Right-back, 5): Seems like a nice chap who can play. Chandler Bing, Friends.
Ahmet Çalık (Centre-back, 2): Has become Captain and looks set to step up to meet great expectations for this new season. Rebecca, Cheers.
Walid Atta (Centre-back, 26): Looks classy on the ball. Inspires confidence in everyone except Ferhat. Lee Adama, Battlestar Galactica.
Iasmin Latovlevici (Left-back, 14): Encouraging new arrival who may lead the gang to greater things. Frank Reynolds, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Olafur Skulason (Defensive Midfield?, 22): Ball winner, worked hard. Bron, Game of Thrones.
Panajotis Dimitriadis (Midfield, 8): Wonderfully placed header for second goal. Good distribution. The Eleventh Doctor.
Martin Spelman (Right Midfield, 88 (subbed min 58 by Berat Tosun)): Seemed stretched at times. Was he playing the middle or the right? Missed a few shots but worked hard and tackled hard. Terry McCann, Minder.
İrfan Can Kahveci, (In the hole as them who knows these things say, 17): A lot rides on Irfan and he sometimes over-thinks things. He can and did create chances, but can also waste them with too many touches. Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory.
Bogdan Stancu (Striker 10 (subbed min 15 by Nemanja Tomic)): Didn't see enough of him. Took a crunching early-match tackle. Hope the injury isn't serious and his return will be rapid, maybe with added alien powers. Phil Coulson, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD.
Mostapha El Kabir (Striker, 11): Always a danger and fully committed. Missed a couple of chances against Rize but remains a real asset. Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Berat Tosun (Striker, 9): Active, chased the ball, found space. Good to see another young, strong option up front. Bjorn, Vikings.
Nemanja Tomic (Up Front Somewhere, 7): Took his chance very well, and must have had a solid game because I didn't notice him much either way. Willow Rosenberg, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Evidence Spine Needs a Phone With Better Camera, and a Proper Chin:


  1. Disappointing start for new Coach Stuart Baxter. Surely, as a 60 something year old Jock he knows the benefits of having wingers especially when he has players like Stancu, Tomic and El Kabir lurking in the box ??!!

    Amazingly, the Danish Footie Fanatik, Dennis, is also a Spurs supporter, so I propose calling him Lillywhite Kanka !!! Any other suggestions ?

  2. This post by Spine is evidence that he spends too much time watching a certain kind of TV show that really someone his age should have given up long ago.

    I listened to most of the match on the radio and the announcers on TRT summed it up pretty much as Spine has... and Irfan may not be fully formed yet but he is a young man going places.

  3. The incident with Keweuke really made me laugh, never seen anything like it.

    Another season of low crowds in Turkish football thanks to passolig