Sunday, November 29, 2015

That's that theory gone then

Liverpool's craftiest punter Alex Graham reports:

Gençlerbirliği 2 - 2  Gaziantepspor

Gençlerbirliği played the first 89 minutes of this match attempting to add credence to my theory, 'Gençlerbirliği are a decent team, have some tidy players and should be further up the league.'

They completely controlled the first half and deservedly led two-nil at the break following well taken goals from Stancu and El Kabir.

The first 44 minutes of the second half again saw almost complete control of the game.

Gaziantepspor finally fell off the disciplinary tightrope they'd been walking and had both Arokoyo and Chibuike sent off in the last 15 minutes.

Two up against nine men. Cue pipe and slippers football from Gençlerbirliği?  No such luck.

Demir scored for Gaziantep out of nowhere on 90 minutes after a hopeful punt up field wasn't dealt with by either the defence or the keeper, Hopf . Obviously, Gaziantepspor pressed forward (can you pile forward with only eight outfield players?) and got a completely undeserved equalizer with virtually the last kick of the game after a shot on the half turn by Camara.

I shall no longer be bothering the patent office with my theory.


  1. With 17 minutes left in the match and us up 2-0 I thought it would be safe for the Wade family to leave the radio and head off to attend an event that had kept me away from the stadium... Stupid me.

  2. Just saw the highlights. Genclerbirligi played really well for full match apart from those crazy last 5 minutes. El Kabir is a big talent

  3. Dear Mr. Bookmaker,
    Honestly I promise not to be a crafty punter anymore. We used to have a beautiful relationship, (from my point of view at least.) Please accept my money again.

  4. Welcome to the world of Round Ball in Ankara reporting Alex. Nice job.

    Lesson learned ........ never ...... nay never ........... back any Ankara team to win !!!