Tuesday, November 08, 2016

And Gencler lose another coach

UPDATE: New coach announced. See end of article

Monday night was a busy evening with me having been locked out of my house. Little Oz Kanka was inside and had obviously gone to sleep and couldn't be bothered answering my 30 minutes of door bell ringing. So I made the most of a bad situation by heading off to the Red Lion Club. I was then kicked out of there after a couple because of a "private party". Still no answer at home so I got the key people in. He ripped out the lock and put in a new one. Through all this Little Oz Kanka was still sound asleep inside.

Whilst all this was happening Genclerbirligi were imploding.

The timeline according to a report from Klassspor:

6:30 pm : Coach Ibrahim Uzulmez arrives at club headquarters. He said he was there for a training  session. He left the admin building with club officials.

6:45 pm : Uzulmez leaves the facilities.

7:20 pm : Club Chairman Cavcav arrives

(At this point the Klasspor timeline gets confusing... but basically)

7 something pm : Uzulmez's agent/manager Emrah Yildiz arrives and has a 20-minute meeting with club officials.

7:40 pm : Yildiz goes to Uzulmez' hotel.

Klasspor notes at this point the negotiations are all about the conditions of terminating the contract. Uzulmez wanted to be paid the full seven months he had left on his contract. Cavcav wanted to pay him just three months salary.

8:20 pm : Uzulmez and Yildiz return to the Bestepe club headquarters. They hold a 40 minute meeting with club officials after which it was announced that the contract has been cancelled after mutual agreement. Klasspor doesn't say what that agreement was.

UPDATE: They certainly didn't hang around long as former Gencler player and Ankargucu coach Umit Ozat on Tuesday afternoon signed a contract to coach the team. No details of the new contract were immediately available.

What was immediately available was an outpouring of bitter anger from Genclerbirligi fans. Not because of the bloke's pretty average record as a coach but because of the extremely sexist comments he has made in the past.


  1. I am sad about this. I thought Ibrahim the Unupsettable was a good fit for the club and was doing a steady job.

    Still, it's interesting to note that Ibrahim was still living in a hotel. Clearly he didn't think he'd be around for long. And why would he??

  2. I agree with Spine. He seemed to be doing a reasonable job with the players he had at his disposal.

    I just can't comprehend Cavcav's philosophy on the subject of coaches. You don't need to have an extremely high IQ to figure out that the more continuity you have then the more success usually follows. Rome was not built in a day !!!!

  3. He did more than a reasonable job. We were in the bottom 3 and in a mess when he arrived during last year's winter break.