Wednesday, December 21, 2016

How the hell didn't we score?

Fenerbahce 3 - 0 Genclerbirligi

BI John, Little Oz and me down at a packed Alerta Pub on a chilly (and chilling) Sunday night.

Really short this one. The scoreline does not reflect what happened in this match. Genclerbirligi completely dominated. We attacked and attacked and attacked but somehow or other the ball just wouldn't go into the net. Some of it was due to the heroics of the Fenerbahce keeper, some just down to bad luck, the odd head or post in the way.

This was a match that Gencler could have won three or four - nil. But as John said at the time, Fener are the sort of team that will come back at you. And they did.

Their first goal came after we had laid siege to their goal for what seemed like ages. Extremely disappointing but we continued to attack... only to be denied time and again.

Then as the match started to die out Fener showed their true class and put us to the sword.

All up... The most exciting match I've watched all season.


  1. Wow and .......... double Wow !

    A 3.0 defeat and no rant from Oz Kanka ??!!! This is surely a first !!!!

    So, the burning question is ........ can Gencler put possession into goals and bring Yooro Footie back to Ankara ? Watch this space for the answer !!!

  2. It was an amazingly entertaining match and even with the loss no one at the Alerta Pub was upset at all. Well... just a little bit

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