Thursday, December 01, 2016

SHOCK: TFF ban a section of Gencler fans for a match

Genclerbirligi fans with season tickets for section D of Maraton have been banned from attending our next home match after the Professional Football Discipline Board (PFDK) said there had been "ugly and bad language chanting" during the weekend's match against Trabzonspor.

If you are an Ankaragucu fan then you will be totally used to the the TFF disciplinary board banning fans from matches but for Gencler this is unprecedented (at least I can't remember bans on fans for Gencler in the past 20 years or so).

Section D is right in the middle of Maraton, the place where Gencler amigo Nedim stands and urges on the crowd. We sat as usual in Section C just across from the D crowd.

Thing is, I can't even remember anything vaguely "ugly" from the D crowd. I might have missed it of course but I can guarantee that there was nothing like the swearing and abuse that opposition fans usually employ. The other thing is that when the D crowd do swear (it happens from time-to-time), the older and wiser heads of the Alkaralar fan group always get up and get them to stop. This did not happen on Sunday and indicates to me that nothing truly untoward was being chanted..    

Annoyed Point No. 1: Gencler fans punished for something that was (probably) quite small.

Annoyed Point No. 2: As we all know Passolig has destroyed crowd numbers but one of the big selling points was that it would reduce hooliganism and would allow the authorities to pinpoint individual trouble makers. This though is yet another sledgehammer ban on anyone who has a season ticket for Section D. It doesn't matter that anyone from Section C or E could have been in that section, nor the fact that the vast majority of single ticket holders were sitting in Section D. They don't get busted, just serious fans with season tickets

Annoyed Point No. 3: Trabzonspor fans had "swearing chants" throughout the whole match. The PFDK found them guilty as well and fined the club 110,000 lira as this was the fifth time they had been found guilty of doing it this season. No fans from Trabzon are banned for any matches.

Is this the worst thing in the world? No. But it is bloody annoying and is yet more proof that the TFF don't give a shit about the fans. In any other country football bloggers would be leading with the news that at the same meeting the PFDK gave Ugur Ciftci a two-match ban after he got a red card on Sunday. Not in Turkey though.

EDIT: Karakizil are reporting that the reason for the ban was the chant of "acemi hakem" (amateur referee).


  1. and ......... just when we thought that the TFF had reached the limit of their supidity and thoughtlessness, they go and outdo themselves.

    Let's applaud those idiots in the TFF !!!

    Keep watching this space for more idiotic decisions to come in the 2nd half of the season. It's guaranteed !!!!