Monday, May 01, 2017


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Some of you might say ............ ‘who cares’ !!

However, just pause for a moment and think how many stadium bans we have had to endure during the past 5 years in particular.

These are usually the result of certain elements of the Ankaragucu supporters who consider some teams as ‘enemy teams’ and so they allow their feelings to override common sense.

Looking at the PTT League at the moment, and with 4 matches remaining, there are two teams who have not yet been promoted, and who fall into that category, and they are Eskisehir and Goztepe.    Also, there is another in the 2nd League play-offs who is not ‘flavour of the season’, ie, Gumushane !

Therefore, if we have to face any of those three teams next season it will be the responsibility of management to impress upon the Ankaragucu supporters the importance of good behaviour to avoid such bans, especially now that TV money will be coming into the Club.

So, what is the situation at the moment ?

Istanbulspor won the White League and will join Ankaragucu.

The play-offs in the Red League are as follows –

Menemen v Gumushane
Hatay v Kastamonu

And in the White League –

Sivas BBS v Amedspor
Kocaeli Birlik v Erzurum BBS

Only one of those teams will join Ankaragucu and Istanbulspor in the PTT League.

Watch this space for the eventual winner, and whether Eskisehir and Goztepe are promoted.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. My prediction and hopes are with Kastamonuspor. They are the form team at the moment and with Hasan Ayaroglu and Mehmet Cakir in the side, they have our backing

  2. Agreed Nady. However, Ahmed and Kocaeli are strong teams and Kastamonu will have to be up for it if they win the Red League play-off.

    1. Anonymous11:15 pm

      There is a lot of rumors for the players.
      Kenan => Kasımpaşa
      Serkan => Bodrumspor
      Harun => Bursa
      Ömer = > Eskişehir
      and many others . If it is so AG needs a serious financial support for the new season.
      This means that Melih is going to take over AG.. Volkan.

  3. Unfortunately i can see Melih coming back. He offered no help during our darkest hours but suddenly wants to come back now that things are looking more positive

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