Saturday, July 22, 2017

Zlatko Krmpotic reflects on his time at Ankaragucu!

Zlatko Krmpotic kindly took time this week to talk to the Round Ball in Ankara about his time in Turkey and his future plans.

Krmpotic was a talented Serbian right back who spent 9 years with Red Star Belgrade in his homeland before moving to Turkey as a player with Genclerbirligi where he spent 2 successful seasons. Ten years later In 1998/99 he would end up back in Ankara, this time as manager of Ankaragucu.

Nadeem Raja - Having travelled the world as an experienced manager, where does Zlatko Krmpotic find himself these days?

Zlatko - Currently I am manager of ZESCO from Zambia who are in the top 10 clubs in Africa. Previously I was manager of TP Mazembe from DR Congo who are one of the biggest clubs in Africa and former Champions League Winners.

Nadeem Raja - How did your move to Ankaragucu come about?

Zlatko - I previously played for Genclerbirligi so people knew me in Ankara. Ankaragucu had a crisis with results and therefor called me to offer me the position as head coach.

Nadeem Raja - How did you enjoy your time at Ankaragucu?

Zlatko - I had a good time, we made good results and qualified for the UEFA Cup qualifiers. I would always come back to Ankaragucu.

Nadeem Raja - What is your opinion of the Ankaragucu fans?

Zlatko - Ankaragucu has the biggest fanbase in Ankara, its a shame the club fell to Lig 3. Hopefully they will come back into the Super Lig again.

Nadeem Raja - Who was the most talented player you worked with at Ankaragucu?

Zlatko - We had a lot of good players but the most talented was Tarik Dasgun who previously played with Fenerbahce.

Nadeem Raja - Who is the best player you have played against and also managed in your career?

Zlatko - I played against Diego Maradonna so he is the obvious Choice for best player I have played against. Best player I have coached is Andreas Anderson who went onto play for AC Milan later in his career.

Nadeem Raja - How has Turkish football change since the time you were here?

Zlatko - Turkish football has changed a lot, especially in infrastructure, it has become more advanced. Teams can bring good foreign players from Europe.

Nadeem Raja - Can you see yourself ever going back to Turkey in a managerial or coaching capacity?

Zlatko - I would always come back to Turkey, it's a great country with a great infrastructure

Nadeem Raja - Which team do you support in your homeland?

Zlatko - Red Star Belgrade

Nadeem Raja - Serbian football has many talented players but a lot of financial problems. What does the future hold for Serbian football?

Zlatko - Serbia has a lot of talented players but a lack of financial resource sends those players to Europe very young and unprepared. If financial problems are sorted and infrastructure then I don't see any reason why the glory days can't return.

Nadeem Raja - We would like to thank you for taking the time to speak with us and wish you all the best in your future.

Zlatko - Thank You


  1. Excellent Nady. Seems like he has 'left the door open' for a return to Ankaragucu in the future ?!!

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