Monday, August 21, 2017

Things aren't looking good for Gencler

Genclerbirligi have two (sort of) close away matches this season. One of them is at Karabuk (which will be in February approximately). The other was tonight, a Monday night. Kick off at 9:45 pm. Last train back to Ankara had left well before the final whistle. Thanks TFF.

Konyaspor 3 - 0 Genclerbirligi

No home fans for this one as Konya supporters were banned after their performance at the pre-Season Super Cup match against Besiktas during which a flick knife was thrown at Besiktas players and fans invaded the ground.
A radio. Similar to the one that Oz Kanka listened to the match to.  

As for us, about 20 brave souls ventured to Konya for what was, as I predicted, a slaughter.

Listening to a radio commentary of the match wasn't the easiest of things as I still have little idea of who our players are. So it was in the fifth minute or so I got extremely excited only to freak out when it was Konya who almost scored.

Konya was definitely on the front foot at first with our only (very slight) chance coming from a free kick that Kahlili put wide.

It really wasn't a surprise though when Konya went ahead about 25 minutes in. A fast attack, fast pass and goal.

Konya continued to attack and the social media comments from the Alkaralar crowd started to sound just a touch frustrated.  

The comments were along the lines that we weren't getting more than a pass or two together, some players appeared totally lost, Palitsevich started the match sending out an SOS signal.

Not looking good and then just before half time Konya scored again. All doom and gloom.

It was no surprise that Gencler coach Umit Ozat made three changes at half time. The bloke really doesn't know who should be in the first team (as we mentioned last week).

It almost paid off in the first minute of the second half but somehow former Ankaragucu keeper Serkan Kirintili kept it out.

Rest of the half was all depressing. Konya got another and the Gencler fans started calling for Ozat to resign. With no home fans it was easy for Ozat to hear them. He gave them a clap. Not much else you can do I guess.

And that was that. Next week we are at home against Fenerbahce. We may well be in for one hell of a pasting.


  1. Ooooof yaaaaaaaa. Konya isn't a bad team, but .......... 3-0. Hmmmm, I hear alarm bells sounding !!! We watched the FB v Trabzon match after ours on Sunday and Trabzon really played out their skin and did well to earn a draw. So, Gencler will need a strong defensive line-up and 100% concentration for the 90 minutes !!!

  2. Sir Eski said: "Gencler will need a strong defensive line-up and 100% concentration for the 90 minutes !!!"

    I guess we have no chance then.

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