Sunday, December 03, 2017

Yonetim Istifa

Well... That was bloody amazing. Some great football, some great goals and some great laughs

Genclerbirligi 4 - 0 Sivasspor

What a beautiful December day. A little bit chilly but bright sunshine, wispy white clouds - all up perfect conditions for a game of footy. Kanka-wise, just Bernard and me in the stands but the lovely weather got quite a few fans out of the woodwork.

Just like last week the fan groups tied their banners upside down in protest at the club hiring Umit Ozat as coach and they organised a five minute silence from the fans... Then on five minutes they started the chants for Ozat and the management to resign.

It was all going along as usual with no real penetrating footy from either team when  on the 12th minute Skuletic scored a screamer. The last time the ball touched the ground before it was in the back of the net was when it was launched forward by N'diaye from before the halfway line to Dialo (I think) who headed the ball forwards in a flat trajectory, then Skuletic managed to tap into into the air with his toe, he then knocked it up a touch with his knee and then took the shot 30 yards out. Nothing but net. Do check out the video in the tweet below, it is brilliant.

Once the cheers had died down a bit.... the entire Maraton resumed "Yonetim Istifa"

The rest of the half was more than ordinary from Gencler and if there was any justice in the world Sivas should have at least got an equaliser... or even to have gone into the lead. We were playing awfully and without purpose.

Second half though and Ozat took off Khallili and moved Zeki into his normal back position, away from the wing where he had been rubbish for most of the first half. It was an inspired change and Gencler stepped up.

Diallo made hard work of what should have been a simple goal ... but still it went in. Up went the cheers and then up went the whole of Maraton again... `Yonetim Istifa`.

Then Elvis Manu decided that he was going to score. With excellent passing opportunities he decided to go it alone and somehow managed to score. If this was an Under 12s match the coach would have taken off the player for extreme selfishness and showboating. For us though it was just a laugh. 3-0 and the fans shouted out once more "Yonetim Istifa".

Again take a look at the goal in the tweet below.

Sivas had there chances in the second half with Hopf having to make one brilliant save a couple of easy ones... the post also save us at one stage... but the post had saved Sivas as well with Jailton playing some great breakaway stuff.

Elvis scored again towards the end and well it was a party mood at the 19 Mayis.

The final whistle couldn't come quick enough for Sivas and up went our cheers. Then we all sang out in unison.

"Yonetim Istifa."

EDIT: The club has issued a statement saying they were "surprised and upset" by the fans jeers and they are completely behind coach Umit Ozat...

EDIT 2: At the press conference after the match Ozat talked about the criticism he received for his statements last week that accused Ankaragucu fans of wearing Gencler jerseys and swearing at him. At the presser he said that he would never criticise a former club of his "even if it was a Jewish club"

EDIT 3: On Monday evening the club issued a statement in Ozat's name saying that he was sorry to Jewish people. 


  1. That was one of the best goals i have seen, unbelievable piece of brilliant from Skuletic

    Great result from Gencler. They ended the game well last weekend with Elvis Manu looking like he could be a big player for you guys and they took that form into the weekends match which was the result of the weekend.

    Maybe just maybe Gencler can get out of this one after all

  2. Wooooo hooooo well done Gencler. As you said ........ great goals, especially that first one. Goal of the season candidate !

    Well, don't forget that I told you all FIRST ..... a few weeks ago. Gencler will do a 'last season Kayseri' and finish in 9th position. Any takers for a bet ??!!!

    Great to have an upbeat post from Oz Kanka again yessssss !!!