Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ankaragucu vs Manisaspor match preview!

Only 2 games remaining as Ankaragucu seek their place back amongst Turkeys elite, with the club from the Capital in pole position ahead of promotion rivals Umraniyespor and Boluspor. Two wins will seal the deal for Ankaragucu after 6 years away from top flight football and they are in control of their own destiny. The two matches come against Manisaspor who sit 2nd bottom of the table losing their last 7 games and conceding 31 goals. The other comes against 4th bottom Adana Demirspor at home next weekend.

If someone had offered you to be in that position before the season started you would have bitten their hand off. This is Ankaragucu though and we all know how unpredictable they can be, letting you down when you get your hopes up, or winning against the odds.

Some credit must go to Ismail Kartal who had come under a lot of criticism since the start of the year, some of which was deserved due to awful performances and results. Since the Boluspor defeat, the team has won 5, drawn 1 and lost 1 of their last 7 games. Umraniyespor on the way have dropped points which Ankaragucu have managed to take advantage of and now sit 1 point above with 2 games remaining. Boluspor arent out of the race yet as they are only 3 points behind Ankaragucu.

Ankaragucu will travel to Manisa this Saturday knowing a victory will take them one big step closer to the Super Lig. Mehmet Yiginer has already stated they will build a team that will compete for a Top 5 place in the Super Lig if we win promotion.

Manisaspor as mentioned earlier are 2nd bottom and already relegated to Lig 1. Thea team is made up of mostly youth players as the club are in a bad way financially. There shouldn't be too much problems in this one for Ankargucu but as we have seen all to often in football, especially with Ankaragucu upsets can happen.

Slavko Perovic is the key player for Manisaspor and has had a respectable season scoring 8 goals despite all the problems Manisa have had.

Ankaragucu will again be without Anton Putsila who is suspended, and will likely again go with the same team that produced a fantastic 4-0 win over Gazisehir last weekend. Lanre Kehinde, Ilhan Parlak and Umut Nayir all impressed in attack, while Mbamba Kibong had his best performance in an Ankaragucu shirt. Mbamba has had a disappointing season due to injury which has prevented any real consistency, but he showed his key qualities last weekend and will be an important player again.

Another large contingent of Ankaragucu fans are expected for the trip to Manisa as a win for Ankaragucu could see them promoted this weekend if Bolu and Umraniyespor both drop points. Come on Ankaragucu lets get back to where we belong.


  1. Let's all sing together ........ Nady is back, Nady is back, hello hello ........ yesssssssssssss !!!!

    Great to have you back here Nady after your exciting times during the last month ....... unconnected with footie !!!

    Yes, as you quite rightly say, this is a match which was made for us when the fixture list was made last year. There is no way that Ankaragucu will lose this one, and that is for sure. It's just like the wee weegie rangers going to Fortress Easter Road Stadium in Edinburgh and thinking that they can beat the Mighty Hibernian. Manisa have as much chance as the rangers !!!!

    The kankas will be watching this one in The Alerta Pub KO 3.30pm and it follows on after the Sivas v Gencler match.

    These are dangerous days for Gencler who really MUST WIN this match, or at least bring a point back to Ankara. Relegation is now a serious threat for Gencler and this is something we don't want to see.

    Part of the eurphoria of Ankaragucu returning to the Super League is to resume our Derby matches with Gencler !! These were always good scraps without the hostilities of other derbies which I will not mention here !

    Haydi Ankaragucu and Gencler !

  2. Last five results for Rangers at Easter Road

    Hibs 1-2 Rangers
    Hibs 3-2 Rangers
    Hibs 2-1 Rangers
    Hibs 2-6 Rangers
    Hibs 0-2 Rangers

    Enough Said Jumbo :-)

  3. Anonymous2:07 pm

    Perovic and every other half decent player left Manisaspor weeks ago. Manisaspor will be fielding a lineup of players that all started the season in either the U19s or U21s apart from a couple who came from the lower leagues. This is the same Manisaspor team that recently lost 8-1 to Elazigspor, 6-0 to Gazisehir and 6-1 to Erzurum so I'd be surprised if Ankaragucu don't score at least 5 here!

  4. Thanks to the poster above

    Well thats even better news for Ankaragucu that Perovic wont be playing.

  5. Nady, tut tut tut, and ........ shock horror .... and deary me. How could you possibily omit the most important encounter ...... mmmmmm..... perhaps it's due to memory lapse on Nady's part after all the excitement of the last month, so ..... let's forgive him !!

    So, let's refresh our memories .......

    May 2016 ...... The Venue ..... Hampden Park, the National Stadium situated in ...... Weegieland !!! The occasion .... The Scottish FA Cup Final .......

    wee weegie rangers 2 (lucky goals)
    The Mighty Hibernian .... 3 (superbly taken goals)

    Yessssssssssssssssssss ...... and now ........ I rest my case.

    Easter Road Stadium is NOW ..... a Fortress !!!!! Watch carefully tomorrow against the west coast Killie, and when the Huns come visiting next month Yesssssssssssssssss !!!!!