Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ankaragucu - Latest Developments!


When Faruk Koca spoke at the clubs congress after he won the elections, he came across very well making some bold statements on how he has constructed "The Greatest Management in Ankaragucu history".

Fast forward a few months and it the same old lies and statements that Ankaragucu fans are all too used too. We are 14 days away from the season starting and the transfer ban still hasn't been lifted, no updates on pre season from the clubs pre season and the new jerseys still haven't been announced. 

The biggest news however is that the club have forced top scorer Torgeir Borven out of the club. The Norwegian striker wanted to stay with Ankaragucu but he was made train alone the last week only taking part in running sessions. Borven is now set to sign for Gaziantep for 450K Euros. 

This is despite him having a 1.5 Million release clause. And will the club actually see any of that 450K? Or will it be the same as Alper Potuk where Faruk decides to let him go for free as a favour?

The club also look set to allow Suat Kaya leave the club for Boluspor. The young winger impressed on loan last season at Tarsus scoring 11 goals. He also impressed in pre season but the club will now let him move and instead invest in the older players at the club.

The signing policy makes no sense at all. Every player is 27 or above with most of them being in their late 30s. Even if Ankaragucu win promotion it will mean they need to sign a whole new team next season again. 

It has been said that Faruk Koca and Emre Yildiz are forcing players out of the club that dont belong to certain agents or friends. 

Sadly i have no hope for the future of Ankaragucu, its the same politics every season. Now we await Mustafa Dalci and his team taking the field against Tuzla in 2 weeks time.. 

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