Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Greetings Kankas. Bad news from Jockland -

Inverness 2 Hibernian 0

Two early goals conceded was too high a mountain to climb for the Mighty Hibees. A deflected shot and a goalkeeper error was enough to deny the Hibees 3 valuable points.

I was able to watch the Super Reds (Liverpool) take the Geordies apart live on Turkish TV last night and they looked awesome at times. Should have been 6-0, but they only managed 2 thanks to the heroics of Shay Given. I heard the commentator mention Owen once, or was it twice, but if he really was playing then I now understand why Real Madrid off-loaded him ! I heard that San Marino had offered Graeme Souness the chance to play at a higher level of footie and take them to the World Cup Finals in 2010. Seems like an ideal career move, and who knows, he could end up like Sir Matt and Sir Alex as the 3rd Jock Footie Knight !!!!! I can just hear Geordie Kankie now saying........... Wheeeesht lad had thee gab...... ???!!! Well, if this arcticle doesn't provide a response then nothing will !!!

That's all from me for now. All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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  1. Are you sure that San Marino want riots at their stadiums? Don't forget how Souness personally started one by planting the Galatasaray flag in the middle of Fenerbahce's ground after winning the Turkish Cup a few years ago.