Sunday, December 04, 2005

A sausage too far...

Dear Kankas,
Frustration yet again for Gencler after we went down 1-0 to Samsunspor in a match which we totally dominated.

Viking Kanka and myself were slightly late and missed the first six minutes and thus we missed what was probably one hell of a tackle resulting in Marciel from Samsun being sent to hospital and Ayman for us being shown the red card. We only saw the very end of the furore and so I'm not sure what exactly one of the Samsun reserves did to get himself a red card as well.

So down to 10 men and then an embarrassing mix up led to Samsun's goal on 20 minutes. Again, I'm not sure I can explain what happened, except to say it was very clumsy.

From that point on though it was all Gencler. The way the two teams were playing you would have thought Samsun were down a player, not us. The fact that Samsun are only just clinging on to a place in the top division was obvious.

But it was not to be. Mehmet Nas went close in the second half only to be denied by the bar and in the end the fact we had played most of the match a man down was clearly showing. At the final whistle a number of players just collapsed from exhaustion.

One area where Samsun definately outplayed us was timewasting. Just like last week against Ankaragucu and obviously understanding just how mediocre they are both as individuals and as a team they were true masters of trying not to play. Again just like last week a player or two fell over a million miles from both the ball and any Gencler players and needed a stretcher to get off the field. At one stage a player went down in the penalty box, play continued and their man stayed on the floor. Our keeper Omer then dragged him over the line while whoever it was lashed out at him and then managed to roll himself back onto the field of play.
At least the ref got it right at one stage and gave their keeper a yellow for wasting time.

In all though, Gencler were a good team today and hope should not be given up of getting a UEFA Cup place. When you consider we were down to nine men (I'm not counting Isaac Promise who has prooven time and again to be an absolute joke who if he was a racehorse would have been shot a long, long time ago) imagine what we would be like with 11. If only Ayman hadn't eaten so much sausage last weekend.... sigh...

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