Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We are all a bit slow round here

About how Ankaragucu drink the local water (and how this blog gets off to a very technologically challenged start)

Not being in Malatya, and come on who really wants to go there for any reason at this time of year, I obviously can't say much about Monday's Malatyaspor-Ankaragucu match but to repeat the report from the Anatolian news agency.

As all two people who have looked at this blog before know, Turkish football reporting is absolutely rubbish unless it involves the "so-called" top sides (and boy am I sick of the use of "so-called" when it comes to a million topics in Turkey).

Anyway, the Ankara boys had obviously been affected by their enforced overnight stay in southeast. I did read a report somewhere that they actually stayed out of the town thanks to the diarrhoea epidemic that has hospitalised more than 7,000 in the last couple of weeks, but, in the spirit of this weblog I can't be bothered to find out where they actually stayed.

So onto the match... Well, it was a 0-0 draw. Not much more need be said really.

According to Anatolia, two of the Maltayaspor players deserved three out of three for their performance (where the hell did they get that scoring system from?) while no one from Ankaragucu deserved the full marks. Having pointed that out, Anatolia is a load of rubbish when it comes to reporting football. Proof: Whenever Gencler win they give Isaac Promise three out of three.

Ankaragucu aren't looking that great I'm afraid, stuck down on the lower rungs of the ladder.

Technical hassles

I would like to thank Smart Arse Yankee Kanka for his description of what I thought was one of my better photographs of myself (you should have seen the others I considered). I have actually tried to get a Gencler logo into that corner but so far have had no success. At least no one can call me an IT nerd.

PS: Ole Kanka has informed me that he actually took that photograph. Bloody good memory that bloke has.

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