Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I knew Hillary forgot something

Sir Eski Kanka Jim has recently been talking about how the British exported the round ball game to various places around the world, South America in particular.

It is in the spirit of this style of colonialism that one of our Bilkent mates Robbie (no Kanka name yet as far as I can remember even though he has been to heaps of Ankaragucu games) has been travelling around Turkey.

As you can see from the photo he has claimed the mountain of Hasan Dağ (3,268 metres), near Cappadocia, for Ankaragucu. Quite an effort and one which we must applaud.

Robbie has promised to "claim" more peaks for Ankaragucu in the future and we look forward to further evidence. Perhaps next time he shouldn't just carry an Ankaragucu flag but climb the mountain in full Ankaragucu kit.

Anyone up for claiming Mt. Ararat for Gencler?


  1. Congratulations to Mountaineering Kanka (?) Robbie on his high flying exploits ! A memory to treasure for us ANKARAGUCU boys and girls.

    It has really inspired me to further achievements. I intend to climb the daunting Elmadag in the coming weeks and claim Ankara's `mountain` for ANKARAGUCU !!!

    I'm not so sure that the Gencler boys should attempt any of these `extreme sports` - some (or most) of them are past their `sell by date` !!!

  2. I'm not sure if driving to the car park at Elmadag actually means you can "claim" the mountain

  3. OK then, maybe it was a `bridge too far` !

    How about if we attempt ATAKULE first and then have a conference on our next potential exploit ??

  4. Walking 500 metres from your house, paying a couple of lira and then taking a lift to the top of Atakule isn't quite up there with scaling Hasan Dağ.

  5. OK then, I'll settle for giving Misket lessons at the stadium !!!

  6. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Hey this looks like Pikes Peak in Colorado! Pikes Peak altitude is 14.110ft (where I was 3 years ago). So is that higher than Pikes Peak in Colorado?

  7. Anonymous9:05 pm

    By the way, this picture looks great :-)

  8. The question is Zagreb Kanka, did you, like Robbie, start the climb with a short five-a-side match against the local kiddies and then walk up the entire mountain. Robbie is the man!

  9. Anonymous10:30 am

    Yes I like Robbie. :-) He is the man! :-)He looks great.

    I need to admit something, I cheated, I came on a top of the Pikes Peak with my friends with a car. I am admiting :-)But I was there on the top Pikes Peak and looks quite similar. I think that I would die if I climbed all the way to the top of the Pikes Peak.

    Robbie is much better than me. Congratulations.

  10. Don't worry Miss Zagreb Kankie, we can take the easy way and leave the trekking to the adventurous Mountaineering Kanka Robbie.

    When you come to Ankara, I'll take you up to the top of ANKARAGUCU ATAKULE TOWER in the lift !!!

  11. Anonymous9:51 am

    I just put on a google that name of the tower. Wow it looks amazing!

    Greetings from cloudy Zagreb
    Yours Zagreb Kankie

  12. Anonymous1:48 am

    I saw you in Tribundergi.com and you really make me happy. I am impressed. Please go on supporting Ankaragücü. Hope to meet you one day.

    Emre a.k.a ankaragüçlü in tribundergi.com

  13. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Saldır Ankaragücü...

    Ankaragücü veya Gençlerbirliği farketmez, tribüne gelmeniz güzel :). Ankaraspor maçlarını da unutmayın bu arada.
    Türkiye'de yaşayan biri olarak tabiki de Türkçe biliyorsunuzdur.