Sunday, September 24, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Yes...... Oz Kanka definitely chose a good weekend to go to Antalya !

While we in Ankara are being subjected to Black Sea Storms (they had an even bigger one in Trabzon last night when Trabzon blew Galatasaray away 3-1 cough cough !!!), not to mention the Hailstone downpour yesterday, Oz Kanka and his family are basking on the beaches of Antalya oblivious to our suffering !!

Suffering is the `IN` word this weekend in Ankara and Edinburgh !!

Tonight I can visualise Oz Kanka and Mrs Oz Kankie dancing the night away at Murphy's Bar on the New Konyaalti in Antalya while Mummy Oz Kankie keeps watch over Little Oz Kanka. Meanwhile, back in Ankara we are suffering with Electric Storms and torrential rain further compounded by footie results.............

Gaziantep 2 Genclerbirligi 0

and as we read in Hibbie Kanka's report........ the end of the Hibs great run of victories by lowly (no offence) Falkirk.

Also........... as I write this it is half-time in Istanbul and...........

Besiktas 2 ANKARAGUCU 0

The only crumb of comfort I have at the moment is that at least Oz Kanka is happily boogieing the night away under the influence of his wife's beauty and........ of course, EFES !!!

Oh yes....... one last other piece of doom news. Denizli won today, which puts ANKARAGUCU firmly at the bottom of the league !!!

Oh joy !!!

All the best from despondent Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Just time to give you one more `crumb of comfort` before I go to bed and dream of ANKARAGUCU avoiding the `big drop` at the end of the season in their last match ...........

    Ceyhun (the only player fit to wear the shirt) scored near the end and made it 2-1.

    By the way, Umut Bulut was on the bench (AGAIN) for Trabzon yesterday and is fast becoming an `Augustine clone`. Maybe my prediction that he will return to ANKARAGUCU will be realised before the season ends and before his career ends ??!!

  2. Further `useless` information....

    `That other Ankara team`, which will remain nameless, have now overtaken ANKARAGUCU and CimBom as the draw specialists.

    Perhaps ANKARAGUCU will now concentrate on the record of most defeats in a season !!!!

  3. Further information on the Gencler match.........

    Gaziantep scored 2 penalties after Gokhan had been replaced by Recep near the end of the match.

    Also, Erkan was sent off around the same time. No details of the incidents I'm afraid.

    Yesterday was a RED CARD day. I counted 5 given in 4 matches !!!

  4. Anonymous10:40 pm

    Oz Kanka here in sunny Side. Spent the day swimming and kicking sand in the eyes of people smaller than me and then Mummy Oz Kankie and myself headed off to the Cihan Kebab and Pide restaurant to watch the disaster that was Ankaragucu.

    The first five minutes was fine but there were no real chances, well... no chancesa at all. Then Besiktas finished off two great plays both resulting in goals.

    Ankaragucu were pretty crap for the rest of the first half and if I'm not wrong they had just one shot for the full half. At least it was actually on target but unfortunately it was a lame lob straight into the keepers hands.

    Second half though and Hikmet Karaman must have put something into the Ankaragucu players orange juice. They came out strong and before long they were producing chances. Ceyhun's goal was a brilliant individual effort and the equaliser should have come a bit later but (I'm not sure who) blew it way over the crossbar.

    Of course, being in Side, we had to deal with all the Istanbul lovers (nothing new there) but at least we had a good kebab, a cheap Efes, only 3.5 TL - not bad for a seaside resort and we had the chance to freak out all the tourists by our shouting for Ankaragucu.

    I'll be back on Wednesday night and I'm bringing Mummie Oz Kankie to Saturday's Gencler match. She can't wait. She made a comment during Sunday's match that watching Ankaragucu was like watching the Balmain Tigers in the rugby league back in Sydney. I think she meant that she knew what it is like to support a team that inevitably dissapoints.

    One good thing to take out of that observation though is that the Tigers managed to win the premiership for the first time in my lifetime last year. So there is still hope (although this year they were lucky to miss out on the wooden spoon).

    Cheers from the sun and the sand.
    Oz Kanka

  5. Thanks for your report from the sunshine land Oz Kanka.

    However, you didn't say anything to cheer us.

    It is going to be a long hard winter of discontent me thinks !!

  6. Anonymous11:27 am

    Oz I hope you are having a great time. Send my greetings to your wife. :-)

    Best wishes from cloudy Zagreb
    Yours, Zagreb Kankie

  7. Welcome back to the blog Miss Zagreb Kankie. We have missed your humourous comments !!!

    Oz Kanka is back in Ankara tonight so we can resume our `battle of words` which make you laugh so much !!!

  8. Anonymous12:41 am

    Genclerbirligi and Ankaragucu have many problem.

  9. Yes Sinan Bey. Spot on.

    Especially ANKARAGUCU who are the only team in the Super League who have not won a league match this season !

    With Trabzon and CimBom coming up it is not looking too bright on the horizon ..... to put it mildly !!!