Thursday, December 14, 2006

A day in court

A short update on the farce that never seems to end concerning Genclerbirligi's general congress last May. You can check out all the background here.

The other day the Orwellian-sounding Genclerbirligi Discipline Board decided to postpone until December 22 a decision on whether to send to Siberia six members of the club who had the nerve to actually challenge Chairman Ilhan Cavcav at the 14 May 2006 general congress.

This is rather important as some time today a court in Ankara is expected to decide on whether Cavcav's bringing in thousands of Galatasaray supporters as members of the club in the week before the general congress was in fact legal. Or perhaps the court is to rule on whether these people were actually allowed to vote.

I'm not really sure what the outcome will be but if the court rules that the general congress election was not legal then we could well have an emergency congress very soon... and with it a new chairman... possibly.

Whichever way, the six members who face being kicked out will now have their day in a real court.

Stay tuned.

EDIT: Huge anti-climax I'm afraid with the court adjourning for a later date due to the Atilla Aytek's lot asking for a different "expert report" on the club as the one prepared made some very simple mistakes and assumptions. Why don't they just ask me to be the expert witness?


  1. This story is worthy of being on the front pages of Hurriyet !!

    I can feel the tension building up all the way up here in Cankaya !!!

    I'm tuned in waiting for the outcome !!!

  2. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Hi my dear Kankas! :-)
    Long time no see. :-)
    I am reading now everything that I missed and I am waiting as well outcome to see what will happen.

    Here is so cold brrrrrrr. How is in Ankara?

    Greetings from cold cold Zagreb
    Your Zagreb Kankie