Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to us

Quite a few years ago Sir Eski Kanka, or just plain Eski Kanka as he was then before he was knighted for his services to Ankara football, started up an e-mail group to keep various people up to date on Ankaragucu.

At some stage I joined up with the great man and started writing about Genclerbirligi. All was well and fine but I wanted glory. So I set up this blog to bring our inane mutterings to the world.

That day was December 6, 2005, and my first post was "A sausage too far", the first of many obscure headlines which actually was in reference to my last e-mail story in which I reported that various Gencler players had been fined for stopping off to eat sausage on the way home from an away match. It also happened to be the first post in which Isaac Promise was not exactly praised.

Those first few days of blogging were rather lonely. Sir Eski Kanka still hadn't figured out how to post and the comments on the blog were few and far between. Genc Kanka Eddie was the first to post a comment.

I have no idea what our actual traffic figures were in those days but by February, when I finally added a counter thing, we had 218 visitors. Nowadays we are averaging about 1,000 visitors a month. Not exactly enormous but not too bad for a blog writing about teams that most people in Ankara, let alone Turkey or the world, couldn't give a toss for.

With such numbers Sir Eski Kanka and myself will not be retiring soon but in just the last few days we cracked 100 US dollars in advertising. I have no idea when the cheque will arrive but no doubt Sir Eski and I will spend it all at the Red Lion Club.

I've had a great time, met all sorts of new people and seen the odd good game of football, along with plenty of dross.

One thing that has surprised me though is the lack of abusive comments from supporters of other football teams. Gulay jumps in every now and then with a condescending comment but there have been very few full on abusive attacks. Clearly we aren't important enough to warrant any.

Perhaps next year.

In the mean time. Happy first birthday to us all, Genclerbirligi and Ankaragucu fans alike. Although obviously we don't wish any happiness on those evil buggers at Ankaraspor.


  1. Yesssssssss whooooopppppeeeee !!

    Let's all burst into song....

    Happy Birthday to us
    Happy Birthday to us
    Happy Birthday dear Round Ball
    Happy Birthday to us

    I have said this in a previous blog many moons ago, but it all goes back to 1999 when I used to go and watch ANKARAGUCU in Kapali on my own (I was too frightened to go into Gecikondu in these days !).

    We have come a long way since those days and special congratulations from me to Oz Kanka for putting it all together and making The Round Ball in Ankara `World Famous` !!

    Hey Google guys.... I'm thirsty, so let's get that cheque over here PDQ !!!

  2. Anonymous10:29 pm

    LOVE YA-


  3. Anonymous8:09 am

    Happy birthday from the First city.....and your assumption is correct

  4. I'm not so sure that we haven't had `full on` abuse directed at us !

    For example, Gulay still hasn't admitted that ANKARA is Turkey's first city (by courtesay of Mustafa Kemal). If that isn't `full on` then I don't know what is !!!!

  5. Oh, by the way, birthday kisses to Gulay and Tatjana from all us handsome hunky kankas in Ankara XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  6. Anonymous9:13 pm

    To all the Ankaragucluyuz there, congratulations on your one-year anniversary. Oh, yes and of course the Gencler as well. It is great to be able to keep up-to-date on all the rumours and happenings while here in London. And I do hope to make a game sometime in the spring! And drink with you guys and Maniac Harun Kanka!
    Canadian Eh Kanka

  7. What a coincidence, the 6th of December was Hibbee Kankas birthday as well.

    Happy birthday to all!

  8. Canadian Eh Kanka, been quite a while since we have heard/seen you. Time to get yourself down to a match.

    And Hibee Kanka, happy birthday to you too.

  9. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Kisses to all Kankas from Zagreb!!!!!


  10. Thank you sweet Miss Zagreb Kankie and we hope you will continue to comment during 2007.

    By the way, it is c.c.c.c... cold here in Ankara too !!

    Kisses to you from all the kankas XXXXXXXXXXXX