Friday, December 22, 2006

More popular than Prescott

In this dead season with no football going on in Turkey I'm slightly at a loss about what to write about. Until I found an opportunity to brag about ourselves, thanks to an article in today's Guardian.

The (British) deputy prime minister, John Prescott, told Parliament last week that his new departmental site "has recorded 2,771 separate visits and 6,836 page views since it went online in late August," the Guardian wrote.

I decided to do a check of the stats for the blog to see how we compare with the deputy prime minister's site and was very pleased to see that we are clearly more popular than John Prescott.

I decided the late August date to begin my search as 21 August and since then we have had 3,906 visitors and 7,155 page views. Admitedly some of those people came to us via google searches such as "sexi knees Ankara" (we are still at number one in google for that search) and "hurriyet reliable?" (we are in there at number 14 or something for that one), but still I'm sure Prescott also got some weird google searches for his department's site as well, perhaps "right jabs by a fatty", or "two jags".

Anyway, we are more popular than Prescott and that at least made me breath a sigh of relief.

PHOTOCAPTION: Prescott reacts to news that his departmental site is less popular than "The round ball in Ankara". Photo nicked from Orange

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes, and another thing....

    Even ugly Sir Eski Kanka Jim is better looking than olde fatty two Jags !!!!

    Great set of stats Oz Kanka. Can't wait for footie to resume on 14 January. In the meantime, let's hope for some footie news from our kankas out there in foreign parts ??!!