Monday, March 12, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

More depressing news from the ANKARAGUCU camp………..

ANKARAGUCU 0 Besiktas 1

Maniac Kanka Harun was at the match but unfortunately he couldn't make it for post-match drinkies and reflections due to a domestic crisis.

Oz Kanka, Marash Kanka Hakan, Battle Hardened Kanka Damon and I watched the match in The Cappadokia Bar along with the usual crowd of Ankara residents who support Istanbul teams !

Oz Kanka saw most of the 1st half and he reported that it was all ANKARAGUCU with the Besiktas goalkeeper, Runje, in outstanding form. Abdurrahman, Petkov and Devran all went close and would have opened the scoring but for the heroics of Runje in goal. Ricardinho, Bobo and Nobre were all posted missing in the 1 st half with Serkan having little or nothing to do.

So, to half time and instead of the usual boring commercials we were `entertained` with the violent scenes in the Stadium. Missiles and pieces of ripped out plastic chairs were flying around and lots of people (including women) trying to escape for cover. A shameful sight and for seemingly no apparent reason.

The ambulance crews were kept busy and when the players returned to the field the `war` was still going on. Hikmet Karaman ran to the wire fencing to appeal for calm but the Police were hauling people over the fence and arresting the culprits. Eventually, calm was restored but lots of blood had been spilled and I'm sure recriminations will follow !

The Deputy Prime Minister, Abdullah Gul, and the Sports Minister, Mehmet Ali Sahin, were at the match and Mr Sahin is reported in Hurriyet as saying that harsh measures must be taken to stop these frightening scenes occurring at footie matches. The ANKARAGUCU Chairman, Cemal Aydin, on the other hand, was trying to play down the incident (obviously fearful of the Club being punished !!).

The Hurriyet also reported that the violence was started by ANKARAGUCU and Bursaspor (brother team) supporters, and if this is proved correct, then I'm sure we can expect the Club to be punished. It is not too long ago we reported in this Blog The Battle of Kayseri, and more recently, the Battle of Sakaryaspor !!

If ANKARAGUCU is found guilty then I think we can expect to play one or even two home matches behind closed doors !!

Back to footie, and the 2nd half resumed 10 minutes late with more pressure from ANKARAGUCU. However, it has to be said that Besiktas were coming more into the match although it was mostly all ANKARAGUCU.

Bebbe had a great chance to open the scoring on the 50th minute mark when he was put through with only Runje to beat. He shot, but the ball rebounded off Runje and into the path of Mustafa who had an open goal. He shot, but Runje miraculously stuck out his left foot in a reflex action and the ball was deflected out for a corner. Frustration? Absolutely !!

Yordanov came on near the end and almost scored with a volley which went whizzing past the post.

With 5 minutes to go it looked done and dusted 0-0. Then…………. Tragedy ! Delgado was put through with a pass from the half way line with the ANKARAGUCU defence sleeping. Serkan came out to narrow the angle but committed himself a fraction too soon allowing Delgado to slip the ball between him and the post.

Remember the old cliché………… the game ain't over till it's over ??!!

We all make mistakes and I'm sure Serkan will be squirming when he sees a re-run of the goal !!

So, back into the relegation zone and only 4 points ahead of 3rd bottom club Erciyes, and with an away match in Trabzon next Saturday the nerve ends are beginning to jangle again !!!

Perhaps we could offer some `inducements` to Trabzon to `rest` Umut and Ceyhun ??!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Oz Kanka, I agree!.... Serkan went down early.... If he was on his feet, he could it save the goal , in my opinion...
    That is a big problem with Turkish goalkeepers in the league. Look at this week, Aykut from Galatasaray....

  2. While I agree, it was actually Sir Eski Kanka who wrote the report.

  3. Yes Mr Turkish Soccer (do you mean Association Football ??) it was me who wrote it, but Oz Kanka was there with me.

    I have to say that I normally don't like to critise Serkan, but as I said in the report, we all learn from our mistakes and I'm sure Hikmet Bey will be having a `few words` in Serkan's ear !!!

    He has done well in the team this season and the weaknesses and poor results are not down to him alone !

  4. Just heard in a Turkish TV News bulletin tonight that ANKARAGUCU can expect to be punished for the half-time `war` yesterday.

    Surprise surprise !!!

    Not to worry, at least the TFF can't deduct points and send ANKARAGUCU down to the 2nd league..... well, at least not while Kenan Evran is still alive !!!!

  5. thought Aykut had a reasonable game despite the Nat Lofthouse style assault on him for the Trabzon goal, not perfect certainly but not too bad.

  6. my fault, Mr eski Kanka Jim!
    Besiktas and Ankaragucu punished for Bursa fans garbage!...

  7. Dera Gulay, Aykut, had a good game, I agree but, he made a huge mistake on Trabzonspor goal...
    Here is the rule for goalkepers...
    whem you go up for the ball, you eather get it or punch it.... He did not do that.... after, he saved a lot of shots....and played good too... but, that mistake almost cost gala the game...I wonder what would you said if gala din't win that match!..that's my point!.... Good teams need good goalkeepers...even good second string goalkeepers...beacause, you never know, when you need them...

  8. What are you two writing about? I can't remember Trabzon playing in Ankara this weekend.

  9. Yeah, good point Oz Kanka. Let's talk about the pre-match injection which Runje received to make him play like Superman !!! If we have the secret we can give it to Serkan ?!

    Anyway, I would just like to welcome Turkish (Football !!!) to our Blog and hope that you will continue to write comments about ANKARA footie, unless of course they are playing Istan....spit...bul teams !!!

  10. Sir Eski Kanka, Turkishsoccer has been putting comments on this blog for ages. He is the guy who runs the Turkishsoccer website that is linked on the right hand side of the main page

  11. Hey c'mon, gimme a break will yah ??!!

    I'm not called Eski Kanka without good cause, and so I expect young whippersnappers like Oz Kanka to keep me on the straight and narrow !!!

    Mr turn to apologise Mr Turkish Football (by the way, there is no such sport as `Soccer` !!).