Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An excuse for a very cheap joke

I was reading Hurriyet today and found out that Fenerbahce coach Zico has a website. Having little to do I checked it out and was particularly interested in the second story on the news page (at the moment it can be found here).

To save you the bother of going there, it is all propaganda anyway, let me reprint the first line to the story headed "Zico visits Fenerbahçe TV"

"Last Monday, I had the privilege to visit a project that is a dream of numerous rooters around the world," it reads, describing, yep, you guessed it, how he was interviewed by the team at Fenerbahce TV. I can only assume it wasn't the most vicious of interviews but it did get me thinking what "numerous rooters around the world" would actually be dreaming of.

He may be right, but I certain don't dream of Fenerbahce TV when I'm horizontally folk dancing.


  1. Golly Gosh !!

    Fener...spit...bahce TV ?

    Surely must be Turkey's fav TV channel so I must remember to tune in !!!!

    Yawn yawn, and by the way..... who is Zico ??!!

  2. maybe he should try being interviewed by the new GALATASARAY TV and get the opposite view cos they are all mean f******

  3. I heard a rumour recently that Cemal Aydin is considering starting a new TV channel -


    I wonder if it is true ??!!

  4. Ankaragucu reality TV? 11 blokes running around with no idea what they are doing all hoping to catch the eye of the Istanbul scouts?

  5. I think Oz Kanka was having a bad day when he posted his last comments ??!!

    Otherwise..... war will, and can be, declared !!!

  6. Galatasaray tv fener tv and besiktas tv are all owned and operated by aydin dogan...

  7. Thanks Riza, I didn't know that fact.

  8. OK, I own up......... who the bleedin 'ell is Aydin Dogan ??!!

  9. Dogan is the bloke who owns your favourite newspaper - Hurriyet (plus plenty of others). He is in many ways the Rupert Murdoch of Turkey (except that he doesn't seem anywhere near as bad as the Dirty Digger)