Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What a difference a Referee Makes

A strange event happened a couple of weeks ago in Edinburgh, the day before Hibs won the cup (has that been mentioned?) the normal mayhem that is primary school football disappeared in a sea of calm.

The game was involving Mini Red Card Kanka's (Formally Mini Hibbee Kanka) primary school football team.

A new referee strode onto the pitch sporting the Ankaragucu colours in a trendy tracksuit and a baseball cap. The kids who are normally very excitable were talked through the game by a experienced official and there was hardly a word out of place. They even accepted fouls against them which is unheard of.

I wish Sir Eski Kanka could have bottled some of his referee skills as he will be sorely missed.
The game I am pleased to say finished 4-2 to Oxgangs primary school against their local rivals Pentland primary.

Oxgangs went two goals up during the first half but a late collapse saw the halftime score at 2-2. Oxgangs started the second half in a good manner and restored their two goal advantage. A few chances came and went before Sir Eski Kanka brought a very enjoyable game to an end.

Mini Red Card Kanka scored the goal of the game before running into some trouble from Sir Eski, pictures will follow at the end of the week.
Hibbee Kanka


  1. Grrrrrrrrr .....

    I refuse to answer that question !

    However, a correction to the original post....

    It should read..... Red Card HOOLIGAN Kanka Liam !!!

    I'm still toying with the idea of reporting him to The Scottish Football Association, but perhaps my action in the photo which is to follow soon will suffice ??!!

  2. The only problem is the scars the kids will carry from the Ankaragucu shirt....oh and the game in Italy????????????

  3. What game in Italy ?

    Did I miss something ?????