Thursday, July 26, 2007

Cavcav has another shot

Shock news today from Genclerbirligi who have announced that they will sell season tickets this year but only for Gecekondu and Kapalı, nothing for where we normally sit. As a statement on the Alkaralar website points out. "The aim is clear".

And if it isn't clear to you let me explain. Cavcav is pissed off. He is pissed off that at every single match we shout out our anti-Cavcav slogans. The whole idea of not selling season tickets was aimed at us true Gencler supporters. Now he has decided to single us out. The bloke is a fool. He has guaranteed that he will be barracked for as long as he stays at the club.

So, it looks like we will be buying season tickets for Gecekondu. The price will be 60 lira. For some of those matches when they sell tickets for 1 lira we might make our way over to Marathon. The tickets aren't on sale yet and I'll get in touch when they are.


  1. Anonymous4:43 pm

    What an oddball is that Cavcav!
    Interesting choice of the word 'barracked' as the Australian meaning would be to shout support yet in Chiefly British it means to shout against; jeer at. well according to the free dictionary

    Has Oz Kanka been hanging around with the Brits at the RLC a lot lately; or has he secretly changed to the pro-Cavcav camp ;-D ha ha ha

    Honestly though Cavcav at his age should be watching the matches in an elderly home rather then trying to chase off true Gencler supporters thereby demonstrating a clear mandate of incompetence.

    One season ticket for me please; I wouldn't want to miss the flak Cavcav undoubtedly will get this season.


  2. Barrack in the Australian meaning is actually more of a Melbourne term. I'm from Sydney. But the thought did cross my mind as I was writing the word and quite frankly I'm amazed that this humble little blog has led to someone actually using a dictionary. Well done Flying Dutchman!

  3. Time for the Military English Teacher to weigh in with another tit-bit -

    Cavcav could also be described as a Barrack Room Lawyer !!

    Good military expression to get your teeth into !!!