Thursday, July 05, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Oh dear..... Melih and Cemal have thrown their toys out of the cot and nobody is picking them up !!!

I'm afraid the outcome means that ANKARAGUCU will not be playing in this season's Sportswriters Cup Competition. This is bad (and sad) news for the life-blood of the Club, ie, we the punters !

When did this `baby fight` begin ? Well, we have to go back to last season when Cemal Aydin stated that he was refusing to play the away match with Ankaraspor at the Yenikent ASAS Stadium, which is about 30 Kilometres outside Ankara in the district of Sincan. Melih Gokcek was ordered to play the match at the `normal venue`, ie, 19 Mayis Stadium by the TFF and for that match he hiked the prices up to between YTL 150 to 250, which meant that the ordinary supporters like you and me were excluded from the match. This has already been reported in a previous post by Oz Kanka.

Silly me was thinking (and hoping) that the two grown up men who are the `mouthpieces` of their respective clubs would come to a sensible agreement and pick up their toys. However, using logic when it comes to a certain Mr Gokcek is not recommended !

In fact, he is quoted in today's Hurriyet as saying....... that if ANKARAGUCU will play then we will not !! It is beyond my comprehension that they can't (or won't) resolve this problem, at least for the sake of the fans.

Gentlemen (and I use the term loosely !!) - it is time to pick up your toys !!!

Back to the Sportswriters Cup, and it will be held on 2 and 4 of August In the Yenikent Stadium. Geclerbirligi, OFTAS, Ankara....spit....spor and Rize will take part.

More details nearer the time.

All the best from a very disappointed Eski Kanka Jim


  1. The cup is also going to be held out at Yenikent. It will cost me 20tl in petrol to get out there. Somehow I doubt I'll be going.

  2. If I do go, and I say `IF`, it will be to see Ankara...spit...spor put to the sword !

    Grrrrrrrr....looked up the word `Hate` in the dictionary - that's it !!!

  3. and its pram, as in "toys out of the pram" not cot......I guess next it will be "expectorate the pacifier" instead of "spit the dummy"......what gets me though is why the TFF allows this, I mean can you imagine GS saying, no we refuse to lay in Kadikoy.....or when we play FB we will play at Beylerbeyi for example!!!!

  4. Although I have had many offers, I too refuse to lay in Kadikoy.

  5. Have you noticed that Oz Kanka always seems to manage to steer the conversation or topic towards sex hmmm ???

    Well....... he is an Aussie after all !!!

    Note for `the husband`....

    after having been persecuted by the Ingallish for hundreds of years, most of us poor Scots were left destitute. So, I had to look up in the dictionary what the word pram meant !

    I was one of the lucky ones with a cot. I had to crawl everywhere until I could walk !!!

  6. Notice how Sir Eski Kanka and his compatriots turn any debate into a whinge about being under the English yoke.

  7. actually with the recent performances in Kadikoy I think lay as in Lay down and get f***** is the correct word cos there was not much play involved.......and there was me thinking like the majority of the English speaking world that a cot was where you slept and did not have wheels....

  8. Seems to me that I got CAUGHT in a war of words about COT........

    so let's put it to bed !!!