Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My one chance of gloating about Galatasaray and Cavcav fucks me up

Genclerbirligi know how to play football. In many ways tonight's match was a replay of the match we played a couple of weeks ago against Besiktas. In other words, it was all us.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 0 Galatasaray

This is not going to be a comprehensive report due to the fact that I'm slightly pissed. Of course, I wouldn't be in this state if it wasn't for Mr. Ilhan Cavcav. Sorry if I'm boring you with this but Cavcav continues to piss off the fans.

The Galatasaray fans came out in force tonight... we didn't. In protest at the ludicrous prices being charged by Cavcav we refused to go to the match.

According to the Anadolu news agency a group of Gencler supporters gathered at the entrance to the stadium calling on Cavcav to get fucked. Anatolia reported that the group left without any incident.

Alpine Kanka Wolfgang and his crew had unfortunately already bought tickets for the match and so after a beer or two they went off to the match. Flying Dutchman Kanka later phoned Alpine Kanka and the agreed stadium count for Genclerbirligi was put at 200, that includes Maraton and behind the goal.

I don't cross picket lines and so there was no way that I was going to attend tonight's match, even though I could easily afford it. It is down right disgusting the way Cavcav complains all the time that Ankara people don't support "his team" and then he goes and ensures Genclerbirligi has no support by pricing the real Gencler supporters out of the match.

Watching the match on television at the Chopin Bar made me realise just how much Cavcav is a ....

Actually it was quite nice watching the match with other Gencler fans, many of whom I had not met before.

As for the football...

1ST Half: Genclerbirligi all the way.

2ND Half: Genclerbirligi all the way... and a goal from Burhan after Mr. Fish did brilliantly to set it up.

The really weird thing after this 1-0 victory is that we might well have more supporters at the second leg match then we did this evening. If we play like we did tonight we should win.... and what is the bet that the ticket prices are going to be a damn lot cheaper.

Cavcav! Stop fucking us!

Having said all that. I'm damn happy to get the win. Is it enough? The majority of people around the table this evening didn't think so. I'm still positive. I still dream of the day (actually I think I might head over there now) I can go over to Gulay's blog and truly pay the shit out of her team. (as opposed to Nathan's team whose blog has become a commercial travesty... where has the fun gone Nathan???).


  1. Anonymous5:44 am

    Congrats guys. That's a great win.

  2. Agreed, well done Ankara boys.

    I haven't been over to Gulay's Blog yet, but I wouldn't mind betting that she mentions the fact that CimBom were missing lots of their `superstars` !

    Be that as it may, it can't be held up as an excuse for any Super League team. Don't we all have a squad system ?!

    Gencler can still make it into the final, but..... they have to go to Istanbul and attack them. Swords out and put it into their bodies yessssss !!!

  3. Anonymous2:20 pm

    well done Oz. Are you coming to the 'Bul for the return then?

  4. Anonymous4:32 pm

    beers on Istiklal then, when is the return?

  5. 15 April, I think. I'll need your couch.

  6. Anonymous5:50 pm

    no problems (as long as I'm not in Ankara)

  7. A commercial travesty? I don't have any advertisements whatsoever! It's just a nicer-looking, more accessible version of the blog!