Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

When Oz Kanka and I started this Blog 40,000 years ago, he was forever advising me to always quote references if we used them from other sources, and if we `nick` photos, to mention which newspaper they came from. Good advice.

Therefore, call me a suspicious olde `bassa` or a sceptic, but I really am coming round to actually believing that The Hurriyet Sports Writers are checking our Blog before naming their Team of the Week whenever the Ankara `Big Two` play any of the Istan…spit…bul `Big Three`.

I have touched on this subject in the past, but now I think I’m really becoming paranoid about it !

Cough … cough…Ahem….I’ll give you one guess who was chosen as Goalkeeper of the Week in Hurriyet ? Right first time……. Serdar of Fener !!! And who was gushing in praise of his heroics last weekend ? Right first time….. The Round Ball in Ankara !!

I’ll bet one of Pompey Kanka Darren’s fiver’s (if we could ever manage to open his wallet !!!) that the only time any of Istanbul’s `Big Three` goalkeepers get chosen for this accolade is when they are playing each other !!

OK, so ANKARAGUCU’s Ibrahim Ege was chosen as one of the Midfield Players of the Week and I didn’t mention him by name in my report, but I was full of praise for the whole team, so I suppose they had to include at least one ANKARAGUCU player !!!

So, c’mon Hurriyet, own up ! We know we are the foremost authoritative oracle for the Ankara `Big Two`, but at least have the decency to give us a mention if you check us out for our unrivalled opinions !!!

All the best from The Round Ball in Ankara’s `Assistant Editor` ….. Eski Kanka Jim

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