Sunday, March 23, 2008

Was that the same team that beat Cim Bom?

I got a bit of a suntan today as the weather was perfect for pre-match beers and watching football. Unfortunately no one bothered to tell Genclerbirligi that a victory would be nice as well.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 3 Ankaraspor

Just four of us sitting in the sun at the Chopin today, Spine, Maniac Kanka Harun, myself and Little Oz Kanka. A few beers and a visit to the the pet shop across the road for Little Oz Kanka to discover the latest in animal restraint devices, and then it was off to the stadium.

Looking at the quality of the football we should have stayed at the pub. It was rubbish. Spine and I were discussing on the way back home how is it that Genclerbirligi can play so well against Galatasaray mid-week and then play as if they had phoned in their game plan. The only decent player on the pitch for Gencler was the captain El Saka, the rest played as if it had been them, and not us, who got trashed at Maniac Kanka's birthday party last night.

I have nothing to say about the match, everything was crap. Except the Gencler goal in about the 80th minute, a pearler launched from outside the box by Mehmet Nas. The score at that stage was 1-2 and the last few minutes saw us scrambling for an equaliser. El Saka almost pulled it off as he was pushed forward and he won quite a few important balls, but then Ankaraspor scored at the other end and it was all over.

Boy oh boy.

At least Little Oz Kanka enjoyed himself, even if he asked me a million times why the "bad men" are winning. One good thing was that as soon as we got home he insisted on going to the park to play football. The bad thing was that he wanted to win and so he got rid of his Genclerbirligi shirt and put on his Ankaragucu top.

I'll post a photo here once Spine figures out how to turn on his computer.


  1. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Battle Damaged Kanka--

    'At least Little Oz Kanka enjoyed himself, even if he asked me a million times why the "bad men" are winning.'

    Wow, I still ask myself that question all the time. I don't suppose you had any great insight into the answer that you could share with us here on the blog in time for Dick Cheney's Monday meetings in Ankara, did you?

  2. back down to earth with a bang are dead right about Nathan's blog though and his co-author has the sens of humor of a dead camel....

  3. Hey Gulay, I've met hundreds of LIVE camels in Saudi Arabia and they didn't have a sense of humour either !!!

    I wanna see a photo of Little Oz Kanka .... AND..... Big Oz Kanka wearing ANKARAGUCU tops !!!