Monday, April 14, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The show is back on the road and The Round Ball in Ankara leads the way ! We told Hakan Kutlu last week that the time has arrived for ANKARAGUCU to do the biz on the road, and guess what........ he listens and acts !! Obviously his half time team talk did the trick yesterday.

Manisaspor 1 ANKARAGUCU 2

Not much to say about the first half in Manisa yesterday except that Serkan in goal was the only player to score a high 8 in the Hurriyet. No scoring in the first half then.

However, a different story in the 2nd half. Jaba replaced Gokhan on 54 minutes and opened the scoring 10 minutes later. 5 minutes later Murat Erdogan made it 2 and sighs of relief all round.

Metin of Manisa grabbed a consolation goal with 10 minutes to go, but there was no conceding a goal on 90 minutes this week !! Stats Man, Rip Off Kanka Erman, nods his head in approval !!!

More good news....... Kirita came on for the last 15 minutes, so we should see him back leading the team next weekend.

It has to be said that we have seen some bloody good footie from ANKARAGUCU this season, notably against Fener and Sekiztrash. However, the fact remains that they have only won 10 and lost 11 in 30 matches. Not exactly inspiring stuff I think you will agree ?!

Scoring 30 goals and conceding 37 goals is not the basis for challenging for Yooro footie !!!

I have said it a thousand times and I make no apologies for repeating that the capital city and FIRST city of Turkey SHOULD have at least one representative in Yooro ! We don"t have a God given right to be there but that SHOULD be our aim !

So, will ANKARAGUCU make a serious challenge to the Big 3 next season ? If Sivas and Trabzon can do it, then why not. This question deserves an answer !!!

Back in the Cappadokia last night watching Ankaraspor take the wind out of Fener"s sails were Rip Off Kanka, Maniac Kanka, Yankee Kanka and yours truly. Lots of ANKARAGUCU songs being sung, much to the disgust of the "ANKARA" Fener supporters, but did we give a stuff ? No need to answer that question !!

Highlight of the evening was Eski Kanka introducing Maniac Kanka to Albania Raki !!! I wonder if that is why he left the Cappadokia early ??!!

Next up is ANKARAGUCU at home to Konya. I think it will be on Saturday, but Oz Kanka will be sending out a meeting mail soon.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

PS...... for Genclerbirligi supporters....... We are pleased to accept your thanks for taking all 3 points from Manisa yesterday !!!


  1. ahh okay then. Thanks

  2. fuckın old busterd jimbo.yes you are!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Harun was a pilot.

    Albania Airlines:)

  4. Ahem.... yess.... but Turkish Airlines normally stay in the sky.

    However, Albanian Airlines have normally been known to fall down and crash !!!!

    For Maniac Kanka..... chuckle chuckle heh heh heh ho ho ho !!!!

  5. For Oz Kanka.....

    Birsey degil !!!

  6. Fascinating. Did Sir Eski Kanka knock him out?

  7. Anonymous10:12 pm

    nothing about Tolga? They found an edema in his brain after yesterday's collision.

  8. Dear Fenerfan, I'm sorry to say that I missed that piece of important news. I am still suffering from that Albanian Raki !!

    Maniac or Oz Kanka, can you add anything more on Tolga's condition ?

  9. Anonymous10:45 pm

    Old busterd Jim. Hope you are not hurting Harun. He can't even handle his ayran.