Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Off to the final

Turkish Cup semi-final

Galatasaray 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi (Gencler go though to the final 2-1)

Singalong now... "Were on our way to ..... " . Mmm. Unfortunately we don't actually know where we are going. We beat up Galatasaray and we are in the final but we have no idea where the final is going to be.

So let me start this post with a general broadside attack on the complete and utter idiots that run Turkish football. Actually I'm not going to make that attack, only because anyone with half a brain must realise that it would have been nice to have set a host for the final... perhaps say, 12 months ago. Bloody idiots.

So, I have no idea where we will be playing the final on May 7. All I know is that the opponent will probably be Kayserispor who go into their second leg against Rizespor 3-0 up. That match is Wednesday night.

So what happened tonight?

I'm not really all that sure.

Spine and myself were joined by some... well... people we know... the only one to be mentioned should be the white-shoed agrarian socialist/capitalist Collete, who actually thought I was from Melbourne. Evil girl.

Collette, whom none of us had met before, did not actually realise that we actually were at the Kapadokia to watch Genclerbirligi, and not to talk to her or her boyfriend. Still, I think we balanced our responsibilities in that department.

Onto the match... well I actually didn't see much of it. (Talking to Spine all the time).

I haven't seen any reports yet but I think it was all Galatasaray. Our keeper Recep made a few good saves and if anything I would say we were lucky to go into the break 0-0.

Words of wisdom from Bakkal and we were on. Chance after chance after chance was created... but none were taken.

Attack after attack after attack, and finally El Saka sent a ball in for Mr. Tuna Grape to sort-of bicycle kick into the goal.

Into injury time and former Gencler player Umit Karan scores. 1-1

That's it. We win on away goals and I am one happy boy.

I have no idea if the above very short match report is correct and I don't care. We are off to the final, and no matter where it is, I'm going.

Oh yes, I almost forgot the last bit of the comedy. Galatasaray get a penalty towards the end (surprise, surprise - Gencler were denied a penalty earlier on). Lincoln takes the shot and Recep saves.

PS: We shall be organising a trip to the final, wherever it may be. If you are not on our e-mail list then let me know in the comments section.

Photo nicked from Milliyet


  1. Anonymous4:26 am

    Lincooolllnnnnn! Lincooolllllnnnnnn!


    He is complete bullshit, or as you would say it "rubbish".

  2. Anonymous9:14 am

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS, after the horrible season we can see a bit light at the end of the tunnel.. but take care.. Kayserispor will be much stronger than this gypsie team....
    Celebrating in Berlin, Gencler keep on going!! .. Lanky Kanka

  3. The final is in Izmir, on 7th of May, which is my birthday.
    Two options to go there:
    1. There are two direct flights on the 7th: 07.50 hrs, and 17.55 hrs. The latter makes it to Izmir at 19.15, so much risky it sounds. And the former is torturously early. However, the cheapest options are wide open: 29 YTL.

    2. Train: There are three options, but the best one is 9 Eylul Express. Which leaves Ankara at 20.00 and arrives at Izmir at 09.30 and there are sleeping coaches and a restaurant to drink and chat.

    Let's talk about the return:

    1. There is no late night flight.
    2. The latest train leaves at 19.30so that's no option as well.
    3. The bus I checked from Ulusoy leaves Izmir at 23.30 and arrives in ankara at 07.30, so that sounds like the best option.

  4. Following up on Battle Damaged Kanka's comments..... on behalf of all the Ankaragucu Kankas..... great stuff from Gencler (the most inconsistent team in the league) !!

    Also interesting to note that this will be the first final for 20 years which doesn't have one of the Big 4 represented ! Long may that continue !!!

  5. Tebrikler, Kankalar...I'd love to see the cup hoisted in Ankara!

  6. well done gençlerbirliği!!!now ım waiting for the final match,ı will go to izmir by turkish airlines?who whants to joın to me?we will bring the cup here the great capital ANKARA of the turkey !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Well I guess it should be renamed the provincial cup...and as for all the Mafia fans here you are really sad after your tearful comments when you were zoundly defeated in an earlier round...and Fener Fan one word.....KEZMAN....

    Has anyone won this and been relegated in the same season???

  8. That's a good kwiz kwezzie from Gulay.

    Wouldn't like to guess, however, before Oz Kanka starts his rant about the Ankaragucu v Bolu cup final I'll get in first.

    Ankaragucu won the Cup and were promoted courtesay of ...... a very good friend !!!!

  9. Anonymous10:27 pm


    Difference between Kezman and Lincoln is that we dont chant Kezman's name even if he doesnt play and make comments like 1 Kezman = 10 Umit Karan. However, GS fans have always oversupported Lincoln to a point where he feels like he is the king while the guy hasnt done anything special this whole year.


    Final was scheduled to be in Izmir, but now I just heard that it's gonna be in Bursa. So you might wanna change your plans.

  10. This is what we want... a battle between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce fans on neutral ground... well... sort of neutral because in actual fact we hate both of you :)

    And yes, the final has been moved to Bursa, and as far as I understand the Bursa fans are already out to support Gencler.

  11. fener fan....Lincoln has been injured most of the season and maybe the chanting is a way of support, Kezman when he remembers he should be standing up and not lying on the grass crying because someone breathed on him is crap, he was crap at Chavski and is now crap at Brazilchavski.....about time he went off to be a monk as he promised, at least he will only be on his knees instead of lying on his belly on the floor praying to the ref for a PK.....wanker

    And still no answer to my question....

  12. Anonymous6:52 am

    Looking at it neutrally, we can both say both Kezman and Lincoln played like crap this year.

    However, we were never under the illusions that the Kezman was the best or equivalent to 10 Umit Karans or Bobos,while GS fans already declared Lincoln the best player in the league and make stupid comments like Lincoln= 10 Alex eventhough the guy hasnt done crap.

  13. Anonymous6:54 am

    @Oz Kanka

    Admit it. Dont you love fights. :D

  14. well we are all entitled to our fantasies for example that FB will won SuperLig this season or that Alex is a fair and sportsmanlike player or Volkan is simply misunderstood and he was only lifting Lincoln up so they could see eye to eye......and Lincoln is financially worth 1.5 Umit Karan's, if you check out his value on http://www.transfermarkt.de/de/verein/141/galatasarayistanbul/uebersicht/startseite.html, so maybe 10 times is an overstatement but hey since when did football fans not exaggerate.....

  15. Anonymous9:05 pm

    Well, I can say this. Not financially, but usefulness-wise Umit Karan is worth 5 Lincolns. Lincoln is crap, admit it. So is Kezman, eventhough he scored today.

  16. Has anyone gotten around to answering Gulay's question: "Has anyone won this and been relegated in the same season???"

  17. Hey Battle Damaged .... one thing which you haven't learned yet about life in Turkey .....

    patience is a virtue !!

    Now that Gulay and Fenerfan have put their "handbags" away, perhaps we can focus our minds on it ??!!

  18. The answer is "No". Erciyes got close after being relegated and making it to the final of the Cup, but no-one has won the Cup and been relegated in the same season.

  19. Well done Oz ...... he who eats encyclopedias for breakfast and spits them out at supper time !!!

  20. thank you ......so Genc get the chance to make (unwanted) history??????

  21. Gulay, I was with Oz yesterday and he is totally focused on the Cup Final. If you mention the dreaded `R` word to him his eyes mist over and he mumbles...... whaaaat ??!!