Saturday, April 19, 2008

Live blogging Trabzon v Genclerbirligi

Welcome back to live blogging from the radio.

1500: Five matches kick off so it is going to be difficult to figure out exactly what is happening in Trabzon.

The Trabzon - Gencler match was originally going to be played on Sunday but for reasons I'm not that sure of they moved it to Saturday.

TRT-radyo really are hopeless. They had five minutes of adverts before 3 p.m. thus meaning that the build-up and reading of teams names (all ten of them) had to take place after play had started. Hopeless.

Gencler: Periç, Fish Grape, El Saka, Traore, Erkan, Ergün, Kerem, Nas, Promise, Cakir, Kahe.

1507: Trabzon's Ayman, an old Gencler player, has the first chance of the game and then Mehmet Cakir has a go but the ball goes out.

1509: Guess I should tell you the other games that are happening.
Sivas - Ankaraspor
Ankaragucu - Konya
Gaziantep - Manisa
Bursa - Kasimpasa

1512: Nas takes it, Cakir heads it and keeper saves... Announcer says it was a great chance.

1513: Mehmet Nas, our whippy No.7 seems to be ripping through them, nothing resulting yet though.

1522: As the radio guys are off commentating on other matches I might as well take this opportunity to say that this is a pretty important match for Gencler. We are in 15th position just two points above Rize in 16th who will go down to the next division if they don't get above us. Scary stuff.

1526: Seems like we got lucky. As far as I understand Trabzon had a shot which hit a post and then bounced across to hit the other post and then was sent out.

Not long after that Nas sent a ball in to Kahe whom the announcer said he was "bir az gec geldi". Mmm.

1531: The first ever letter to "The round ball in Ankara" live radio blogging service (may not be 100 percent live because the TRT website radio player stops every now and then to re-buffer) arrives in the e-mail box. Damn, it is Mrs. Oz Kanka in Canakkale asking if I can proofread something. Won't take long, I'll do it in the extended breaks in which nothing is being reported on from Trabzon.

1535: Peric saves a good shot. A few good attacks which yet again break down at the end. We need a good striker!

1547: Radio player dies... Argh

1548: Found another station which is buffering up as I type. Stupid me though. This station is covering the whole match.

1551: This just isn't working... Ah yes it is, hassle is it must be half-time as they just have music.

Half-time scores thanks to

Sivas 0 - 0 Ankaraspor
Ankaragucu 0 - 0Konya
Gaziantep 0 - 0 Manisa
Bursa 1 - 0 Kasimpasa
Trabzon 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi

Seems like an exciting footy all round ;) just one goal scored ...

1606: Bloody hell the commentator on Lig radio speaks extremely quickly and I'm finding this difficult to understand, but I can tell you the second half has kicked off.

1607: Mehmet Nas has a shot, just out.

1609: Not only is this announcer speaking very fast but he also seems to be doing from right in the middle of the craziest fans with a bloke behind him who has a horn.

Trabzon have an attack, the crowd starts screaming and I can't tell what happened. Ah Peric has got it.

1613: Peric is fouled and is on the ground after a promising attack by Trabzon. The crowd are singing "burasi Trabzon, bu'dan cikis yok"

1616: Isaac Promise is taken off. Hakan Aslantas comes on.

1617: Cakir has a shot... crap

1620: "With so many passes missed this is a very sad match for real football fans," says the announcer. I'm assuming he is talking about both teams.

1622: Hakan Aslantas has a shot, the defence clears. Perhaps Aslantas should have started instead of Promise.

1624: If we playing for the win why doesn't Bakkal bring on Burhan?

1627: Good and bad news from around the grounds. God news Manisa are 1-0 down. Bad news Konya are 1-0 up.

1628: Cakir attacks, Traore backing him up.. argh... I don't know what happened but their keeper now has it.

Damn, Konya have gone two-nil up over Ankaragucu.

1631: I just know it, Trabzon are going to score in the last minute of extra time.

1640: Sounds like we are playing our usual game, get the ball to the box and then ... well, do nothing.

Burhan is coming on. Finally. Cakir goes off.

1641: Ado, a defender, is coming on. Erkan off.

1643: Free-kick and just out... damn. It was Mr. Grape Fish.

1644: This time Kahe has a shot, just out. Get them on target!!!

1647: Trabzon go on the attack. We are going to concede a late goal. I know it. Konya have now gone three-nil up over Ankaragucu.

1650: Three minutes of extra time added.

1652: Peep, peep, peep. 0-0. At least my prediction of a last minute goal for Trabzon didn't materialise.

From around the grounds.
Sivas 2 - 1 Ankaraspor
Ankaragucu 0 - 3 Konya
Gaziantep 1 - 0 Manisa
Bursa 1 - 0 Kasimpasa
Trabzon 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi

So what does this mean. Basically it means that tomorrow I'll be supporting Besiktas against Rize.

This season is really killing me. Here we are beating Galatasaray to get to the final of the Turkish Cup and then in the league we are on the verge of relegation. I need a beer. Sir Eski Kanka was in attendance at Ankaragucu's pathetic display today and will give us a report in good time. ie once he has got over his hangover, probably tomorrow.


  1. Yes, a report from me tomorrow or the next day or the next. I'm still breathless after reading the exciting report from Trabzon !!!

    My report will be a downer, so bring out the hankies before you start reading !!!

  2. Eski,

    As difficult as the match was to watch, please don't forget the miracle we witnessed even in the midst of the disaster. Jaba did manage to get four headers.

  3. Thank you Battle Damaged.

    How could I possibly forget such an epic occurrence !!

    I just did it a few minutes ago - check it out, but remember to have a hankie handy !!!