Sunday, May 11, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

........ and so, another season endeth on a happy note, but, ...... should we celebrate ? Debatable me thinks !!

OK, let's start with the good news .....

Kayseri 0 ANKARAGUCU 2

A surprise result according to the form book. Kayseri on a high after their exploits in Bursa and qualification for the UEFA Cup, against one of the weakest teams in the League `on the road`.

With nothing at stake except pride, we have to say that it was a great result, taking into account that ANKARAGUCU went to Kayseri with only The Lone Ranger (Bebbe) up front (AGAIN) !

However, surprise ..... surprise ..... Bebbe opened the scoring near the half-hour mark to send shock waves around Turkey. Was anyone really interested in what was going on in Istanbul or Trabzon ??!!

Another surprise .... Zafer back between the sticks for ANKARAGUCU - a blast from the past !

Then, an even bigger surprise ..... Cem Can (have I mentioned before that he was supposed to take Ceyhun's place in midfield ??!!) scored 5 minutes later.

More `shock waves` and everone hit Google Search to find out ...... who is Cem Can ??!!

OK, OK, ...... I'm being cynical, but you haven't heard the bad news yet ......

A few days ago, the news leaked out that Bebbe was about to be sold to Sekiztrash or Istanbul BBS for 1.5 Million Euros !

Inspiring news to ANKARAGUCU fans ? As I have said a thousand times, he is our only recognised striker and we are going to off-load him ?! Where is Cemal Aydin coming fom ? Jupiter or Mars ??

Luvvlie Cuddlie Melih Gokcek's son, Ahmet, is reported as saying that he wants to take over ANKARAGUCU and is coming with 50 Million Dollars to put in the kitty.

Whoopee says the masses, but hey, .... wait a minute. Let's remember who his daddy is, and ..... more importantly, will Cemal be a happy bunny to give up the reins so easily after a decade of an easy way of building his already substantial bank balance even further ??!!

We must wait for the outcome of this wheeling-and-dealing in the corridors of power, but in the meantime, let's consider who is going to lead the line next season !

The Tortoise (Diawara) and the Dwarf (Jaba) ? I think not ! So who ? Watch this space for developments as the summer season unfolds and the new season approaches.

Mmmmmmm ..... I think it will soon be time to visit my doctor for another prescription of optimism pills !!!

As for the future after summer, ........ bring on the Sportswriters Cup and an invititation to ANKARAGUCU ...... THIS season ! Then, ...... the UEFA Cup !!! Am I dreaming again ??

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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