Thursday, May 22, 2008

Genclerbirligi season tickets on sale soon

Well, well, well. After praising the Genclerbirligi club (and of course the great people at alkara) for their organising and paying for the trip to Bursa for the Turkish cup final, I find myself once again saying "well done".

The reason is this news which I have just seen. Basically, it says that Genclerbirligi are only going to sell season tickets for Maraton for the coming season... and (this is the bit you will like) they will cost 50 tl.

Yep, just 50 tl (around 40 dollars). This is for a season ticket on the half-way line. I'll buy a couple, as usual, and I'm sure we will be able to sort out the rest of you lot some time soon.

The tickets go on sale on 1 June, according to the report. I'll send out an e-mail closer to the date, so don't bother contacting me yet.

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  1. I dream of paying these prices for watching football

    Hibbee Kanka