Monday, May 05, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

You can’t take loyalty from an ANKARAGUCU supporter, as was demonstrated last night for the last home match of the season with an impressive turn-out from all the tribunes. However, the loyalty I refer to is with present coach, Hakan Kutlu’s tactics.

I’m not saying that Eski Kanka is God’s Gift to footie coaches, but surely it is not asking too much to send out an attacking team for the last home match of the season ?!

I am really disappointed that he has learned absolutely `zip` nothing from his time as a player when Ersun Yanal was coach. Fair dinkum, he was a defender and he probably still thinks as a defender, but he must try and see the big picture, ie, the only way to play the Big 3 (especially at home) is to ……. Attack (how many times do I have to repeat this obvious message ??!!

In the 1st half last night we had another spectacle of The Lone Ranger (Bebbe) on his own up front guarded by THREE Besiktas defenders !

Message……. Hakan, I am recommending that you attend a Yooro sponsored coaching course this summer !!!

ANKARAGUCU 0 Besiktas 2

It was pissing down with rain when Battle Damaged Kanka joined me in The Chopin Bar and we therefore retreated inside to take cover. We were joined later by Rip Off Kanka, Kaleci Kanka and Oz Kanka, who later left us to watch the Fener v Gencler match on TV in The Cappadokia Bar.

Off to the Stadium then where we were joined by Maniac Kanka. It was a sight to behold with the Sekiztrash `Ankara` supporters outsung from the beginning to the end of the match ! But, oh, how I wish we could have wiped the smiles off those smug ugly faces !!

Murat Erdogan led the team out in place of the still absent and injured Kirita and the match began at a frantic pace. Lots of slipping and sliding on the wet surface but the match was ranging from end to end.

Gokhan had a few long range efforts and Serkan made a few outstanding saves, but Rustu was not being put under pressure due to ANKARAGUCU’s lack of firepower. Lots of nice passing movements in midfield and then it petered out near the danger area.

Half time was approaching and I was contemplating going in at 0-0. So, Eski Kanka decides to go and inspect the beautiful flower arrangement in the sleek and stylish 19 Mayis Stadium men’s toilet. Bad decision ! Firstly, they didn’t have any pink (Eski’s favourite colour) flowers, and secondly, I missed the award of the penalty to Sekiztrash !!

Maniac and Rip Off were convinced it was a soft award which was flagged by the Linesman and definitely not a penalty. There was 5 minutes of arguing with the Referee and player pushing before the penalty could be taken, but it was clinically despatched by Delgado. What a sickener !

It was even worse in the 2nd half when Sekiztrash began to take control. Then Hakan Kutlu made TWO unbelievable decisions.

Off comes The Lone Ranger on the 60 minutes mark to be replaced by The Tortoise (Diawara) ….. my name !

Off comes the player most likely to score (Gokhan) 7 minutes later to be replaced by The Dwarf (Jaba) ….. my name !

The `adjectives` were flowing from me at this stage ! Where was the logic ? Am I so blind and stupid not to see it I ask ??!!

While all this was going on, the referee, Huseyin Gocek, (did he really pass the Referees Course ??!!) continued to make some bizarre decisions, needless to say, all in favour of Sekiztrash. Could things get any worse I was thinking ? Answer …… YES !!

10 minutes to go and the Referee (?), (he received 4 out of 10 from Hurriyet for his `performance`) awarded a free kick to ….. yes, you guessed, Sekiztrash, just outside the penalty box.

I mentioned earlier that players were having difficulty keeping their feet and it was quite obvious to 10,000 supporters that the Sekiztrash player slipped on the wet surface, but, of course, Mr Cocek knows better …… doesn’t he ??!!

I hesitate to use the word …. Rusvet (bribe) in the 3 officials case, just in case there are libel laws here, so, …… I won’t mention that word !!!

All credit to Tello for giving a master-class in the art of delivering a free kick. It was expertly flighted and went in off the underside of the cross-bar with Serkan stationary.

Cue ….. start emptying the Stadium, but the Police had locked us in to add insult to injury !

Eventually we escaped back to The Lacivert where we drowned our sorrows at first. However, with the entry of Oz Kanka and Smart Arse Yank Kanka the pub livened up as we celebrated Gencler’s avoidance of relegation due to Manisa losing at home.

The night ended with more booze, singing and dancing. These Anti-X boys know how to stage a party. Or was it supposed to be a wake !!??

ANKARAGUCU will play their last match in Kayseri next Saturday. Let’s hope Kayseri are a dis-spirited lot after losing the Cup Final to Gencler !!!

All the best from `Still Loyal to ANKARAGUCU`, Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous3:58 pm

    Many apologies for not making it to the match. I was at the office...booooo! Sounds like it was a pisser anyway. Looking forward to the barbecue.

  2. Anonymous5:05 pm

    BattleDamagedKanka said. . .

    Eski kanka, you captured well the feeling of frustration in 19 Mayis Stadium that night. Thanks at least to Gencler for giving us something to feel good about.

  3. Hey, hey! Seems we won the last game of the season in Kayseri. So at least we can say we won both the first and last match of the season--and they were both away matches. That is a positive note to go to the barbecue on.