Sunday, March 08, 2009

Gencler v Ankaragucu

I'm working today and so couldn't get to the match (which has just kicked off). Sir Eski will send in a report later today or tomorrow.

EDIT: Not long till fulltime and Gencler are 1-0 ahead (header by Mustafa Pektemek), sounds like Gencler are putting on amazing amounts of pressure and only the heroics of Ankaragucu's keeper Serkan are keeping Ankaragucu in the game. Troisi and Jedinak are having a good game. Aussie Bruce is on the bench.

EDIT 2: Match over... Gencler win it 2-0. Troisi scores in extra time. I'm off to the Chopin to meet the kankas who watched what sounds like a good match. Check this space later on for Sir Eski Kanka's report.

EDIT 3: I found this TRT report on the match. The link is to a video on Facebook. If anyone knows how to "extract" the video so I could put it here, please get in touch.


  1. Eski Kanka is busy today and so the report will be posted by Battle Damaged Kanka Damon in due course.

    Have to agree with Oz that Serkan had a great match (as usual), but one mistake from him changed the course of the match. He totally misjudged the cross which led to the first goal.

    At that point of the match it could have gone either way.

    In the closing minutes with Ankaragucu looking like lost sheep, a curling shot from Troisi deceived everyone, and with Serkan 'blinded' by the defenders in front of him, Toisi's quick thinking saw the space in the top left corner and went for it. Great goal !

    I have a feeling that Battle Damaged Kanka's report will be full of doom and gloom ?!

  2. Cant wait to hear your reports and comments on Ankara derby

  3. Agree with Sinan. It's now 6pm and we are all waiting like coiled springs for this report.

    C'mon BD, get yir act together and leave the EFES in the fridge !!