Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dan the man

It's just a photo, but have we ever needed an excuse to publicise our members spreading the word. Here is Dan the Man midweek at the Madrid-Liverpool match


  1. Congratulations to Dan the Man on this memorable achievement and a great 'Kodak Moment'. Have to admit that it's almost (but not quite) as memorable as the Ankaragucu scarf on top of North Berwick Law a few weeks ago !!!

    Oh yes, and congratulations to The Reds for an excellent result in Madrid, but ..... ahem ahem .. not against M'boro yesterday ..... cough .... cough !!

  2. OK, let's forget the M'boro result. What about last night then ?

    The Reds can write themselves into the history books even if they don't win the Champions Cup this season (and who would bet against it after last night's performance ?!).

    I'm sure Dan the Man was walking on air, even if he was intoxicated from the celebrations !!