Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gokcekspor v Genclerbirligi

Good afternoon all. Just back from the barbers and ready for Ankaraspor v Gencler.

1:29 pm I would have headed out to the Yenikent stadium but got stuck with some domestic duties. Oh well. Radio set up and we are ready for the kick-off.

1:32 pm And off they go and the Gencler fans behind the goal can be heard nice and loud. I'm jealous now. Two other matches on at the same time. Denizlispor - Gaziantep and Eskisehir - Kayseri.

1:35 pm Not a lot happening. Ankaraspor get the first shot of the match which is easily saved by Bojan.

1:37 pm Arrggh. Close. Gencler build up a good attack but it is stopped at the last man. Gencler launch further attacks. Sounding good. I'm still haven't heard a team sheet. Although I do know that Jedinak and Aussie Bruce are playing. Not sure about Troisi.

1:44 pm No one's do much. Meanwhile, good news from central Anatolia, Eskisehir 1 - 0 Kayseri.

1:48 pm Soner sends it down the wing, Hakan Aslantas sends it in and Mustafa Pektemek has a "weak" shot which is saved by the Ankaraspor keeper. Come on boys.

1:49 pm Another good chance wasted by Pektemek. Off for a corner which is also wasted.

1:52 Just 20 minutes in and I have finally realised that Ankaraspor are resting a few of their best players for a Turkish Cup match against Besiktas on Tuesday. Which means we should get this... at least on paper. By the way, James Troisi and Mehmet Nas are both on the bench, seems as if the coach didn't want to change the team which beat Fener last week. Troisi was suspended and Nas was injured for that match.

1:58 pm A good ball goes in and no one there. Get it together Gencler.

1:59 pm Announcer gets excited as Pektemek to Aslantas and then a handball. Free-kick to us. Two-man wall. Nothing comes of it.

2:02 pm Jedinak seems to be having a good game delivering good balls to our wingers running into gaps. Not many clear chances being created though.

2:05 pm Soner sends in a corner and again no one can get onto the end of it.

2:06 pm This time Ankaraspor have a go but our keeper Bojan saves a header.

2:09 pm Aussie Bruce has a shot... saved :(

2:11 pm Burhan misses an "inanilmaz" chance, says the commentator... Get with it people.

2:15 A first! I have received a message during my actual radio blogging. Battle Damaged Kanka Damon says "Sıhhatler olsun". Why thank you very much. I got a hair cut, a shampoo, my son also got his hair cut and the final cost 15 TL (about 9 US dollars). I love this country.

Half-time Well, it seems like most of the match was ours but, like last week, we aren't scoring when we create great chances. Anyway, from around the grounds:
Ankaraspor 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi
Eskisehir 1 - 0 Kayseri
Denizlispor 1 - 0 Gaziantep

Oh yes, I guess I should explain that "Sıhhatler olsun" is what Turks say to someone who has just had a hair cut, sort of similar to when they say "gecmis olsun" after you your wife has a medical test and found to be pregnant.

2:35 pm Second half about to kick off. Finally got my hands on the team line up. Never say I aren't quick with all the important info.
30 Bojan Isalovic
18 Jacques Momha
20 İlhan Eker
25 Hakan Aslantaş
91 Soner Aydoğdu
15 Koray Avcı
21 Burhan Eşer
23 Mile Jedinak
40 Cem Can
11 Mustafa Pektemek
19 Bruce Djite

2:39 pm Yet another corner, that's our sixth for the match. Soner sends it in and it is finally cleared after a scramble in the box.

2:39 pm Cem Can hits an Ankaraspor player. Perhaps by mistake.

2:45 pm Troisi on, Djite off.

2:47 pm Commentator is saying that we are getting a lot of good balls to Aslantas on the wing but there is no-one on the end of his crosses. The problem seems to be Aslantas. Meanwhile Pektemek has a shot... out.

2:51 pm Mehmet Nas on, Soner off. The 18-year-old Soner has played well. This change probably means we are going to go on the attack. Let's go for it!

2:54 pm Ankaraspor get their first corner... ball cleared... not quite. Another corner... ball in, shot made and the ball hits one of their own players, who was offside.

2:56 pm Nothing much is happening. Time for a fag. Don't worry, volume on the Lig Radyo is on high.

2:57 pm Burhan has a shot, saved. Another message, I'm being overwhelmed. Sir Eski Kanka says, "Gencler should score two late goals and put a smile on Oz Kanka's face, ..... ooooops .... there I go again making predictions .... hope I didn't put the kiss of death on Gencler". Yeah. Thanks for that. We will probably concede two now. I'll see you later for the rugby at the Red Lion, but I'll be heading off for the England-Ireland match.

3:00 pm No idea why but Momha is carded.

3:07 pm Ankaraspor are attacking, just not getting good shots on. I can smell a mistake coming soon. Question is: From which side? Kahe on, Pektemek off.

3:10 pm Mehmet Cakir (who used to be our star until we got rid of him for some reason at the beginning of the season) is running rings around us.

3:12 pm Oh dear. Seems as if we have lost one of our readers. Sir Eski Kanka writes, "It's 10 past 3 and I'm bored shitless waiting for my first Gencler goal !!! Comefuckinon Gencler !!!! Ballocks, I'm off to the Club !!" Ever heard of spell check Sir Eski? Surely it is "bollocks", not "ballocks".

3:14 pm Getting weird now, someone on the Ankaraspor bench has been red carded. The commentator doesn't have a clue. Seems as if the fourth official has red carded the Ankaraspor reserve keeper. No idea why.

3:17 pm Free kick to Ankaraspor in a dangerous spot... 88th minute... Straight out. Phew.

3:22 pm In extra time, Troisi has a shot.... out.

3:24 pm Peep peep peep. What a load of crap.

3:25 pm Well that wasn't much fun. In the end I'm glad I didn't head off to the stadium from hell. Right, I'm off to the Red Lion for the rugby.

Final results
Ankaraspor 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi
Eskisehir 1 - 0 Kayseri
Denizlispor 2 - 0 Gaziantep


  1. "Just back from the barbers"

    Sıhhatler olsun, Oz.

  2. I'm not back from the barber's, so I'll say ..... gecmisolsen !!!

    Gencler should score 2 late goals and put a smile on Oz Kanka's face, ..... ooooops .... there I go again making predictions .... hope I didn't put the kiss of death on Gencler ??!!

    I'm off to the Red Lion Club in a few mins to watch Scotland put the Eye-ties to the sword in the funny shaped ball match !

    C'mon Gencler ... clap clap clap ..... Gencler ... clap clap clap !!

  3. It's 10 past 3 and I'm bored shitless waiting for my first Gencler goal !!!

    Comefuckinon Gencler !!!!

    Ballocks, I'm off to the Club !!

  4. Anonymous11:12 pm

    1 point. end of story. this is what i understand happened today.
    on a different note: wednesday i went to madrid for the real -liverpool match. the gencler scarf (the one with too many R's) was there as well. you can see some photos here: