Saturday, February 07, 2009

Ankaragucu facing the abyss

Did any of our Ankaragucu kankas watch the match in Trabzon? I'm not sure that Eski Kanka lined up anyone to report on the last minute disaster. Do we have a report coming? Bueller, Bueller?

In the meantime, no radio blogging today (Sunday) of Genclerbirligi's match against Bursaspor as I've managed to get the afternoon off and so will be going to the match. Expect a report later on Sunday. Fingers crossed it will be positive.


  1. Battle Damaged is in Istanbul but he saw the match and he will do it. Apparently it will be an upbeat report ...... stop tittering !!! He sent me an email and was impressed with their performance !

    I just rolled back into Ankara and am not in a fit state to do it !

    Last thought ..... Gencler for the UEFA Cup next season ????

  2. Anonymous1:28 am

    Yeah, report coming tomorrow (oops later this morning). Just got in from Istanbul.

  3. We are still trying to make sure we don't get relegated... UEFA thoughts are a bit off I think.

  4. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Gencler kankalari,

    Just listened to the match on the radio. My condolences.

    Battle Damaged